Monday, May 31, 2010

Party Down

Yesterday Big Kid had a birthday party to attend. As he was getting ready to go, he started getting really upset that his little brother wasn't invited.

"Don't say anything about this to the mom or the birthday boy, okay? He will go to parties you won't be invited to. This is not an insult or a big deal, it happens when you're brothers. He isn't even upset about it."

When I arrived at the party to pick him up, he had made an extra craft, collected an extra bag of pinata candy and had carefully written his brother's name on a spare tattoo. He swears he didn't say anything to the mom, who mentioned how he really loved his brother.

As we were walking through the party with the mom, saying our goodbyes, I said, "The activities you guys did were really adorable."

Big Kid said, "Mom! Did you really just say that?" He quickly glanced at the other mom before looking back at me in disgust. "Why would you say that?"

"That the activities were adorable? Because everything is set up so cute?"

He looked relieved. "I thought you said 'horrible'. I was really wonderin' what your problem was. It would've been the worst thing you've ever said ever, for sure--at a kid's party, callin' it horrible."

I laughed nervously and loudly said, "ADORABLE! Everything is adorable, certainly not HORRIBLE," for fear the mother had misheard me too.

He then went on and on about how much the cupcakes sucked:

"See how I ate the frosting but not the brown part? That's because the brown part was no good."

"Oh, well, you don't really like cupcakes so, yeah, but you liked the frosting so that's--"

"I love cupcakes, mom. You know I love cupcakes. I just didn't like these cupcakes."

Ha ha. Thanks, Big Kid, for thwarting my attempt to rescue us from this awkward moment.

At an earlier play date with this same family, he informed the mother that he didn't eat his macaroni and cheese because it wasn't as good as his mother's, and that she should ask me how I make it.

So, at least she was already familiar with the Ashley family brand of charm.


Jennifer said...

Kids. It is like they live to embarrass us.

QM said...

Big Kid=My Perfectionist The one who will finally knock me off that pedestal of perfect children--throwing snowballs at me, no doubt, no snowballs with rocks.

Joy said...

I swear they really need an off switch sometimes! but it's ok cause ur kids aren't the only ones who do this:)

MzLiz said...

your kids are hilarious

Jennifer said...

I love how he tried to rein YOU in about the horrible remark and then went on about the cupcakes being terrible!

Stereos and Souffles said...

Holy shit that's funny!

Deb said...

Oh, man... I forgot how much your kids make me laugh and make me grateful mine are all as young (or younger) than Little Kid.