Sunday, June 13, 2010

Breakfast Service

Today we slept in a bit after putting a movie on for the boys.

They decided to make Mr. Ashley breakfast and filled a bowl FULL of Lucky Charms, poured some milk in there, got a clean spoon out of the dishwasher, carefully filled a plastic cup full of ice water and set it all up on the kitchen island, where it sat for about 30 minutes before they couldn't stand the anticipation and woke Mr. Ashley up to enjoy his soggy cereal.

They were so proud of themselves and so excited about their little bout of responsibility and so, so, so freaking cute. They were beaming with pride and talking over each other to let us know who did what and who came up with which ideas, praising each other for being so helpful. They were grinning ear-to-ear as they told us about their breakfast-making adventure.

They are such sweet boys.

And I am so glad I didn't have to eat that mushy bog of congealed cereal.


Joy said...

please tell me he ate the soggy cereal they would have been so upset. Abby did that for me on my birthday she said mommy I have you a surprise as she woke me up and I said what there it was my bowl of dry cereal:) she hasn't mastered pouring the milk yet and thankfully she didn't try

Robin said...

Too cute -- but nasty! Just the thought of that cereal before it got soggy is enough to make me gag. But after sitting in milk for 30 minutes I'd probably try to send them on an errand or something so I could put it down the disposal and then pretend I ate it. Ew.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess.... Mr. Ashley got some rare food poisoning ailment from congealed cereal...LOL! OR... you FINALLY lost it on Little Kid....and are spending a little "quiet time" on a psych ward somewhere...let us know!! ~CoCo

Julie H said...

Gotta love when the kids make breakfast. I remember one time we were feeding it to the dog when the kid went in the other room lol