Monday, June 21, 2010

S.o.S--Girl Crush

I'm sure you are all sitting on the edge of your seats, waiting for the next installment of The REAL Real Housewives of Ashley's Closet to find out how my play date with Girl Crush went.

It went...well.

Not a whole lot to report there, since I always end up being way more normal than I give myself credit for. We had fun and I like her and her children. I believe she likes me, too. We went swimming and she looks completely amazing in a bikini, but I still like her anyway. We had plenty to talk about, no blatantly awkward moments or silences.

Of course I deep-cleaned the entire house, in accordance with the Ashley first time visit policy, but by the time I got to the 4th bedroom/office, I was tired and thought, "Forget that, I'll just keep the door closed. No one will go in there!" I have recently let the boys take over that room as an art room since there's not a lot of working going on around here and since I'm sick of having their craft supplies everywhere. So, it's messy even at it's best--papers stacked and scattered, supplies strewn across two desks, a few misc. boxes and picture frames that haven't found homes yet. Naturally, the second they walked into the house, Big Kid said, "Come see my art room!" and led them straight to the messiest, only un-vacuumed room in the otherwise spotless house. Thanks, Big Kid, that was an awesome move!

Later when she was in the bathroom with her child, Big Kid whispered, "Mom, it worked! I think they believe our house is always this clean!" I cringed and then laughed, repeating it to her once she returned to the room. She also thought it was hysterical and said that she cleaned up for 48 hours when I came to her house. As she was leaving, she thanked me for inviting them to our beautiful home and I promised her that she was unlikely to ever see it this clean again and declared that we were now to the stage of friendship that didn't require major clean-up before visits. She laughed and agreed, so that was good.

That night Mr. Ashley and I were talking about how the day went when Big Kid piped up with, "Their dad shaves his butt!"

"Uh, what?" Mr. Ashley asked.

"Yep, they told me that their dad shaves his butt in the shower."

"How did that come up in conversation?"

"I dunno, we were walking along and the boy just blurted out, 'My dad shaves his butt in the shower!'" answered Big Kid, shrugging.

We tried not to laugh too hard. Aren't kids fun?

Exciting stuff, I'm sure you'll agree. The Summer of Socialness continues this week with a going-away party for a mom friend on Thursday (definite potential for social awkwardness here, I love the guest of honor but barely know/haven't seen some of this crowd in a long time. Pushing myself with this one), a possible beach trip with Girl Crush on Friday, and the Ladies' Dinner on Saturday. I also may get to see Catfish on Sunday, but that doesn't really count toward the S.o.S. since we're already at the lifelong friend level and it's not much of a challenge.

Typing all of that Thursday/Friday/Saturday stuff makes my brain scream "CANCEL ALL OF THAT, IT DOES NOT SOUND LIKE FUN," but I'm gonna try to ignore it because it will probably be at least a little bit fun. I hope.



Jennifer said...

I think we all do that. If I had all of that scheduled for over the weekend my brain would be screaming at me to crawl in a hole.

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

glad you guys had a nice time! So love what Big Kid said to you :)

Robin said...

What is it about being a grown up that makes it so that we have to force ourselves to have fun?

Theresa said...

Why do kids always give away our most embarrassing secrets?

Stereos and Souffles said...

Could you worn a girl first before you throw out the "my dad shaves his butt"?! I almost choked on my white american cheese slice/chardonnay chaser.

AnastasiaBeaverhousen said...

see? you had nothing to worry about. Let SOS begin!! although I agree you are pushing yourself with the 3 days in a row. seriously, who wants to shower and slap a smile on their face that many times.....if you go at this too hard you will burn out by 4th of July and be pulling the shades and diving to the floor every time you hear a car door slam outside your house! :)

but I hope you get to see Catfish -old friends are the best friends :)

Julie H said...

OMG too funny the kid told that dad shaves his butt!!

Unknown said...

Too funny! I laughed out loud or quietly chuckled to myself at least three times!
I especially liked the "I promised her that she was unlikely to ever see it this clean again" comment on your house.