Friday, June 4, 2010

He Wins

The arguing with little kid has gotten truly out of control. First, he has an answer for everything. Can't go to the pool because we have stuff to do? Yous can do your stuff tonight! No money for Star Wars toys? I saw dollars in your purse or yous can swipe your card! I can't have popsicles for breakfast? Well, yes I can, yous can just get them fwom the fweezer! This is the day to day (minute to minute) dialog. He cannot hear the word "No" or any variation thereof without offering a counter-argument or solution.

Then there's the true arguing, in which he yells, "Oh really? You wanna piece of me? You'll pay for this!" when I attempt to discipline him. This is less frequent (but still plenty frequent) and it makes me sympathize with child abusers. Telling a child to go in time-out and hearing this back is maddening.

We just finished debating about whether or not he can watch the Omen IV on Netflix Instant Watch, because he claims to love scary movies (He saw Beetle Juice once.) It's clearly not even up for debate, there's no freaking chance of it happening, but that doesn't stop him from trying...and trying...and trying.

And when I say he will argue about ANYTHING, I really do mean anything and everything. Here is one of his new favorite conversations:

I loves you, mumum.

I love you, too, little kid.

I loves you more.

No, little kid, I love you more. The mommy always loves the baby more.

No, I loves you more! I! Loves! You! More! Mumum!!

Okay, we love each other the same. You have a very sweet heart.

No, mumum, I loves you more. Right? Right, I loves you more? I do loves you more.

I am so sick of this conversation, as sweet as it is, that I usually just agree that he loves me more. This satisfies him and immediately concludes the conversation. Sure, one day he'll tell his therapist that his mom frequently agreed that he loved her more than she loved him, but whatever.

The other day we were at Target (not buying Star Wars toys, much to his dismay) when he started the "I loves you" debate. When I cheerfully answered, "Okay!" to his "I loves you more" I realized how awful I may sound to anyone overhearing us.

But I got over it as I went on to shop peacefully without fighting over who loves who more for 10 more minutes.

I really cannot win.

(But I do love him more.)


Jennifer said...

Baby Girl totally had this stage. I guess that means it will be coming around with the other one too. I remember it being so frustrating. It was like every single thing was a constant battle. "Put on these shorts." "No, I only want dresses." The next day, "put on this dress." "No, I only like shorts." To the point where I was either ready to hurt her or myself. And then it just stopped (almost, but it is WAY better than it was).

Anonymous said...

Even though it sucks to live with, you won't have the problems of him mindlessly going along with the crowd (they may lynch him though).

Former Fat Chick said...

oh please oh please can Stevie baby sit little kid, just for some payback!!!

Stereos and Souffles said...

Baby muzzle?

Joy said...

yea pretty sure he and my Abby are long lost twins or something cause she has an answer or argument for everything seriously they are to smart for the own good

Deb said...

I was laughing, but the tag about raising a republican just about made me spit my intestines through my nose. It's true. You are. Or a libertarian. They argue a lot, too.

I don't take my big kid to Target anymore. I can't stand the debates about Toy Story toys.