Thursday, June 17, 2010

House Wife

You know how we got rid of cable and satellite television in the Ashley household? Ironically, I am watching more television than I ever have.

I think the time I used to spend flipping through the hundreds of channels or watching commercials made it so I never really cared that much about any particular episode or show. Having to make a decision about what to watch and being able to watch the entire thing without interruption has changed my entire viewing experience and I have seen some amazing movies and television that I would have passed over before. I recently figured out how to hook my laptop to my television which opened up a world of possibilities, and also allowed me to catch up on Real Housewives. Wow. Those bitches are crazy!

Also, who came up with the term "Housewife" when casting these people? Almost all of them have either a career or adult children, and some of them don't have husbands or children! We've seen very little of them being wives or mothers, and a whole lot of them barely restraining from scratching each other's eyeballs out at some social event.

And I love that, I really do (like, a lot), but I don't think I would define a single one of them as a "Housewife". Don't even get me started on the Housewives of New Jersey. Those women really scare me; they could and would beat the rest of us up.

I am mostly writing this post in an attempt to hold off on the deep cleaning that must be done for my big play date tomorrow. I have considered calling her and asking if she wants to go to the beach instead, but that would seem weird and my house isn't all that dirty and this needs to be done so that we can move on to the type of friendship that doesn't require deep cleaning before visits. I guess this whole house-cleaning thing is supposed to happen regularly anyway, so at least this gives me an excuse to do it.

This is probably exactly why they don't use real housewives. It would make for the most boring t.v. ever.


Jennifer said...

Well, you SAY it would be boring.. but really, when you add in all those crazy things the kids do and the moments when you FINALLY get the doctor to call you back DURING the two-year-old's tantrum that ends with her pee-ing all over herself, the floor and your feet, while the 6 year old stands right under you yelling, " Ewww, GROSS!!" instead of realizing you are on an important phone call and helping you out... THOSE are the moment they would show on television. And I'd pay to watch that... as long as it was someone else and not ME!

Good luck on your playdate! I noticed and laughed at your label.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I didn't know you watched nyc and nj Housewives. I'd love to know your unedited thoughts on Kelly and Danielle! Mostly Kelly though. Bc while Danielle is a dirty whore, Kelly is one episode away from a pretty white straight jacket.