Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer of...Fun?

Today is the first official day of Summer break for us.

I was so excited yesterday. We had a family Summer kick-off party, complete with balloons and a cake and treats and those firecrackers that pop when you throw them on the ground. Big Kid got to choose dinner, so we had sandwiches.

But today I'm apprehensive about this whole thing. They have been fighting a lot--a major problem since one of the big benefits of Summer was having Big Kid around to distract and amuse little kid. I think I forgot how annoying they can be with all of the fighting and wanting stuff and raiding the fridge every other minute.

I'm also afraid this will mean the official end of naps for little kid. He usually falls asleep in the car rider line and if there's no car rider line, there may be no nap. This would be horrible, so we may have to go for a 3 o'clock drive every day. A slow, quiet drive. (It won't work, I know it won't.)

Things can't go wrong though, this is supposed to be the perfect Summer. I'm not working, we have a pool and the beach nearby, I look good in my new bikini, kids are at a (supposedly) manageable age. This is my time to shine. Summer WILL be fun, dammit!

I don't care if I have to beat some ass, this is going to be the best Summer ever.

(P.S. The kids aren't wanting to sing the Summer jingle I made up. That shit ends right now--they WILL sing the jingle. Songs are fun.)


Jennifer said...

Haha! This made me laugh! I am in the same boat.... our summer break doesn't begin until June 26 and I am looking forward to it. But now that my husband is working every Saturday and I have had a taste of both kids all day with no schedule and no dad to distract them ( mine are fighting like crazy too) I'm not so sure!

Jennifer said...

How is the beach? Are y'all still ok?

Maybe if you really wear him out in the morning with the pool and all of that stuff then he will still take a nap. You can always dictate a "quiet hour" every day at three where they have to go into their room and just be quite until you tell them to come out (yeah, like that will work).

Robin said...

You tell 'em!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I used to make up jingles for my kids too. I'll never forget the first one was for our phone #. They didn't mind until about 13 or so...then it was like Go fly a Kite.
Ah well.
Happy Summer:)

Julie H said...

Summer is a blessing and a nightmare sometimes. I took today off to be with my kids and started my morning by yelling at one of them. Great mom I am.

Christi said...

yeah, I didnt schedule any summer activities thinking I would go against the grain and just enjoy the summer without bring the mom shuttle. One week in and I am starting to regret that plan. I feel like Clark Griswold some time- WE WILL HAVE FUN DAMNIT!! Enjoy your summer "break"

bugs mom said...

Our first day was this past Wednesday. By 10 a.m., I had already used the "summer camp enrollment" threat - good times! :)

shelly said...

It's "The Summer of Ashley!" whether they like it or not! Ha, this made me laugh and I know exactly what you mean. The slow quiet drives don't really work with our BK in the car either. Bummer!