Friday, June 4, 2010

Man Up

"Big Kid, whatever happened to that Puppy Luv game on the Wii? You don't play that anymore."

"Yeah, Puppy Luv. I quit playin' that when I manned up at 5. It was a good game though."

"Manned up?! When you manned up at 5? You had to quit Puppy Luv?"

He sighed and looked wistful, "That's when I learned a little about looooove, when I was 5. Sometimes I wish I didn't."

Unfortunately, I never figured out what exactly he learned about love because Mr. Ashley and I laughed for so long afterward that my muscles ached the next day.


Jennifer said...

Sometimes they make it really hard not to laugh at them.

Mommy Wishdom said...

Ha Ha Ha! That is great! : )