Friday, December 21, 2007

All I want for Christmas

Big Kid: Daddy, I need to tell you what I'm gonna get mommy for Chwistmas.
Mr. Ashley: Okay, step into the bathroom and tell me
Mr. Ashley: Ohhh, hmmm, okay, we'll see. I'm not sure if she would like that but if you think so, you can get that.

(Coming out of bathroom, running over to me)

Big Kid: (stage whisper) Mudder, do you know what I'm gonna get you for Chwistmas?
Ashley: No and you can't tell me, it's a surprise. Don't tell me.
Big Kid: (stage whisper) Your supwise is gonna be a book...about penguins!! (delighted smile)
Ashley: A book about penguins???
Big Kid: Yeah, you will love to have a book about penguins, won't you?
Ashley: Yes I would! That sounds awesome.
Mr. Ashley: You didn't tell her about her present, did you?
Big Kid: I had to make sure she wiked books about penguins. She does (Huge smile)
Mr. Ashley: We'll see...(looks at me and shrugs) Sorry. Maybe he'll reconsider.


Anonymous said...

Penguins huh? Hopefully its not a book about Penguins running around a Wild Hog... uh.. i mean Wild Dog infested trailer park...

Gotta love late Friday afternoon drama on the bargain board.


Anonymous said...

Or maybe how to make marzipan penguins so you will be prepared next time another Mom needs a smack down...

Anonymous said...

That's freakin' adorable. And, penguins are so hot right now.
-BBC lurker