Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm Busy Planning

You know what New Year's Eve means right?? Lists!! I love lists. I have a very complicated and unorganized list system. I once shared one of my lists with the chaws and they recommended that I take it to my doctor as proof that I need ADD meds. One list can be 6 pages long and include everything from grocery items needed, calls to return, future children's names, and Mr. Ashley's credit card number (that's on almost every list). Sometimes I color code the lists and then it seems even crazier but it makes perfect sense to me. I love to plan. Doing...not so much.

My friend Jessica mentioned Franklin Covey's PlanPlus for Windows & Vista 5.1 - Full Version Download

PlanPlus for Windows & Vista 5.1 - Full Version Download

months ago and I've just now gotten around to checking it out. OMG, I am in love!! It lets me make my crazy lists with my goals and missions and grocery lists and to do lists and I can color code and highlight and write notes and so much more. I can't get over how cool it is, it's seriously a lister's dream.

Now I'm not sure how I'm going to convince Mr. Ashley of it's absolute VITAL place in my life once the free trial expires, because he is a non-lister and the crazy system I put myself through now doesn't bother him a bit. It may have to be a "surprise" . But I must have it.

I did find a coupon for Save $15 and get Free Shipping on purchases of $75 Use code 17399. It expires January 31st though, so I need to use it before that I guess. Happy New Year to me!

I was busy planning before I found this software, but it has certainly taken things to the next level. I have a very interesting approach this year--an outline (all official, like we learned in school) for 2008 with Financially, Emotionally, Mentally, Socially, Physically as headings with sub categories and a list of goals for each. I love it! (I know I'm a dork)

I'm pretty sure that between the software and the outline, 2008 is going to kick ass and I will finally become the Woman I Want To Be.

I hope you all have a fun New Year's Eve planned. I'll probably just be making more lists. Not that that's not fun, but you know what I mean.


Unknown said...

Why does every project start with you spending my money, huh? Why can't we have a plan just this ONE time not to spend a dime until we see results? So this software will work better than my life-binder you inspired me to make? (of course it will! The life-binder sucks bald baboon farts!)

Count me out on this one, you can just forward your lists to me. I will mark off all the goals that are to lofty for my boring self and try and see if there is anything I can manage to improve on that does not require Mr. Buttercup's credit card number.


You can just send me some links to really cool stuff that I can buy without pretending it will make me or my child a better person. thankyouverymuchinadvanceforallthegoodadvice!

Unknown said...

This sounds like it may be a great thing.. I need to get my ass into a list-making kind of place..

Thanks, Ash!
Happy New Year to the Ashley's.

Sasha said...

Hmmm.... lists of things I'll never get around to doing... I'm not so sure about that.

My problem is that I lose my lists. So then I make a list that includes "Find previous list." Over and over and over.

Deb said...

Oooh... I do love my lists... I may have to check this thing out. Thanks for the tip.

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Ashley- not sure but I think that I know why list making gives ust aht giddy, happy feeling. At least for me, part of the anxiety of the goal/task is eliminated once I've written it down. It's like my brain says, "OK, I don't need to think about that anymore, she wrote it down." I am with you completely.

The program sounds perfect. You should get it. Tell Mr. Ashley you'll "trade" him for some special treatment...

Renee said...

I think that when Mr. Ashley sees the Woman You Want To Be (WYWTB) strutting around her clean, clutter-free house with ALL of her shit together, he will be begging her to keep using the Plan Plus and won't care what it costs.

-The Renee

PS I'm downloading it right now...thanks for the tip. You know I love me some lists too. Buttercup, I'm SURE this is going to be way more effective than the Life Binders. I do still like the binder strategy for paper storage, though, so I think I will use it in conjunction with this Plan Plus stuff. gotta love the fresh start of New Years Day!

Anonymous said...

I also am a list person and am a little obsessive about it. There are rules to my lists: 1. If I make a mistake, I have to start over. 2. Noone else can write on it or I have to rewrite it (this sucks when I've written a really long list). 3. Things have to be crossed off when completed with a straight line through the task.

I'm sure there are more rules I can't think of right now but those are the three big ones. My hubby has been known in the past to write on my lists but that has stopped when I politely informed him that if he did not cease and desist it was grounds for divorce.

I, however, would not find the program satisfying because I actually have to handwrite my lists (but otherwise I'd probably freaking love it!)


Buford Betty said...

I'm a list freak too - I must check this out!