Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dear Santa,

Give me presents please. I am a good boy and I help wash dishes. I want a super bouncy ball that goes high to the sky. I wash my hands and use some soap and rub them together. I like to play toys like my animal toys. I like toys at Wal-mart too. I would like paint in a box and playdoh.

Please bring little kid a baby toy like me when I was a baby.

I like to play outside, I want to bring a wagon everywhere. Daddy fixes things and widget makes things too and fixes robots. I like to read a book. Have a happy Christmas and tell Mrs. Claus hi.

Big Kid


Sasha said...

Hey, that's a pretty easy list. You are getting off easy. The Politician keeps wanting to write his letter, but I am putting him off a little because I need time to plant ideas in his head of the toys I've already purchased so they can land on the letter.

Renee said...

Dear BK,

Good news! I have been in contact with Santa recently and I put in a good word for you. I told him that you were a VERY good boy this summer when we played with you at the beach and the pool and the gymnastics place and the park and your house, and I told Santa to bring you lots of good stuff.

Miss Renee

Ms. Skywalker said...

Plus, wagons, I hear, make excellent totes for tequila.

Not that you'd need it on a family picnic or anything.

Totally not that.