Friday, December 21, 2007

We Are the Champions, My Friend

So I had to excuse myself early from the annual online Chawbacon Festivus party because of a killer headache on Wednesday night and I woke up yesterday with the same headache x 100. I spent almost the entire day in my room with the tv off and the door closed, with a pillow wrapped around my ears and a down comforter over my head. Good times!

That majorly set me back on my quest to outdo all of the other moms, so I canceled our rsvp to the mom's group Christmas party tonight and scaled way back on my planned attack of Leo's mom. No regrets either, because even with minimal effort, I'm still the best mom in Big Kid's class. Maybe not the mom's group since I can't even be bothered to attend, but whatever. I'm pretty sure I'm the coolest mom in the mom's group and that's got to count for something.

Leo's mom was a no-show. Deadbeat. I bet she's one of those mom that chooses to work full time and let someone else raise her kids so that she can afford fancy cars and pedicures and vacations. Because that's why working moms work, you know. I learned that on Babycenter.

Anyway, I don't know where she was and I don't know who was responsible for the "cupcakes" but they flunked. They took Brownie bites and put frosting on freakin' lame is that? Come on, at least buy frozen unfrosted cupcakes. Brownie bites?? Are you freaking nuts? We know those aren't cupcakes and we know you didn't make them. LAME-O.

We did the snowman soup and it was a big hit, Big Kid was so proud. My teacher gift also rocked and I'm betting it was the best gift in the class. I'll be back with pictures and details of both later.


Jaws said...

That sounds like a killer migraine! Hope your feeling better.

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Amy said...

Snowman soup! Do tell - what is it?


Ooh, I'm so glad you went with Snowman Soup. Our kids at my school loved it so much. Sorry to hear about your migraine. I get them too. Sucks, majorly.

Pete McAfee said...

Yes, please tell me more about Snowman Soup.

Glad you could partake in even a portion of the Festivus festivities. It is very difficult to participate with a party going on at my place, so I'm thinking next year we should all just do it in person.

Glad you're feeling better, though. Sucks to have a big, fat headache.