Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Re: The Golden Compass

Stop sending me emails about it, people.

Yeah, I've heard, it's anti-Christian and will lure my children to read a trilogy of novels that have some Biblical analogies and characters that supposedly represent the church and other religious whatever. I've heard about 473 times now, in fact. Mostly from the same relative, who I didn't even realize was that religious.

First of all, you've made me VERY curious to see the movie and buy the books, where it wouldn't have even blipped on my radar otherwise. I have a small pile of books I'm already looking forward to, I really don't have time for a trilogy but it's already on the Amazon Wish List. I never make it to the movies, but I bet I'll see this one. I'll at least order it when it comes out on Pay Per View.

Secondly, if my kids see a movie and it inspires them to read a long ass trilogy with a bunch of philosophical, complicated overtones...that's cool with me. I'd bet my kid was pretty smart and I'd probably explain the hoopla and ask him what he thought once he finished it. I'd be confident enough in his faith, or accepting enough of him questioning it, and sure enough that either I raised him to be firm in his beliefs regardless of what he reads or that he'd just read it like he would any other fiction and understand it as such, that it wouldn't bother me in the slightest.

Third, and most important, if for some reason you are just compelled to forward something along (and really, 99% of the time you shouldn't be) CONSIDER YOUR AUDIENCE. Stop sending me Republican and/or anti Clinton stuff, don't send me things that you really need sent on to 10 other people, don't try to lay any guilt trips on me, don't send me shit that I will snopes and have to forward back to you, don't send me anything overly religious and/or boring.

Thanks :-)


Amy said...

People send you stuff?

Nobody sends me anything.

You're right. Kids won't think of it unless we make such a big ass deal about it they can't not think about it.

~Gretchen~ said...

But do you know that this movie is anti-Christian? I'm not sure you got the WHOLE message. At least with Harry Potter he'd be worshiping Satan, so he'd believe in SOMETHING.

Aw, hell. Why not confuse Big Kid some more? Between The Jews, The Compass and The Potter (oh, and The Santa) he's not going to know WTH is going on.

Deb said...

"don't send me shit that I will snopes and have to forward back to you"

Amen, sister.

Maggie said...

You're so right Ashley. Amen.

Kate said...

Rock on with your bad self! I remember when all the religious fanatics went nuts about the movie Dogma. I watched it and thought it was great and laughed my ass off. I really don't think any loving God is going to send anyone to hell for free thinking!

I have a boss who constantly sends me Republican/anti-Clinton stuff just because she knows that I am a registered Dem and that I think Clinton(s) are great (I'm still a tad undecided between Hil and Obama at this point but it would be great to have Bill back at the White House)

I knew there was a reason I was totally in love with you!

Anonymous said...

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I THINK!!! Glad to know I'm not the only one who HATES random crap in my inbox. KUDOS to you on this and I'm sending to everyone who sent me that email on the golden compass.

Anonymous said...

Well put (as always)! I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

I'm so, so, so tempted to send the email to you again. I'm sure I still have one of the 18 million copies of it I've received laying around here. I'm sure I have some Republican/anti-Clinton stuff somewhere, too.

That movie has gotten more free publicity than any other movie has ever had.

Anonymous said...

what deb said!

Unknown said...

This is so funny...I replied to my FIL who is a Minister about why I thought the movie is something Christians should see. You know what happened? My MIL called my husband to tattle on me!

Then when the IL's figured out they were on speaker phone, my FIL got on the phone and said he didn't know what I was talking about because I did not reference the NAME of the movie in my LONG e-mail and if I could in the future reference which of the many e-mails he sends me (obviously without reading) that I care enough to reply to. Um...scroll down it is attached to my reply. thankyouverymuch!

Love to All,

ps. I think sending junk e-mail is just plain bad manners.

Anonymous said...

Ashley - My friend wrote about this same subject on her blog. SHe made some great points that are worth readin as she did a little research on the author. Here's a link in case any of you are interested -

She echoes the same thing Ashley is saying.

Anonymous said...

you make my day. somehow i stumbled across your blog from BBC and i cant get enough. thanks for the smiles.


Anonymous said...

Like you, all the hubbub made me want to run out and buy all the books and see the movie-- twice(!) just to piss off the fundies!