Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Fun

Santa's inbox--click to enlarge, it seriously cracked me up.

Christmas party in 1925--I spent way too long staring at this. I just think its neat. It seems like you can tell so much about so many of the individuals. (click to enlarge again)

A Cynical Night Before Christmas

The Real Santa is Kind of a Dick

Christmas Tree Through the Roof

5 Questions on the Origins of Christmas

Hopefully I'll be back today, but no promises. I spent all freaking month getting into "the spirit" and making all of these grand plans, spent all weekend cleaning my house, and here we are the day before Christmas with a messy house and a pile of unwrapped presents and two crying, whiny kids and the whole shebang is over tomorrow at midnight.

A Merry Christmas to All...


Anonymous said...

What is with that pic? Were they all instructed not to smile? Kind of creepy

Anonymous said...

Love the Santa email!! And all the articles I ended up emailing most of those around the office for laughs!!!
Hope you have a fabulous Christmas!!

Caren said...

The picture is cool. I'd love to know what they're all looking at off to the left (or their know) Also, what's with the little things on the floor, the oil can is odd, don't 'cha think?

It's funny how the men are all separated from the women and the woman next to the one with the big hair looks pissed at something...yep, I stared at it too long too!