Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Break

Those squirrels do look kind of dead. I bet that's the only way they captured that shot, found two dead squirrels and snuggled them up. When I first saw it, I wished I could find them and keep them as pets, but then I remembered my tendency to kill helpless newborn animals with my misguided attempts at kindness and decided they were better off on their own.

I know I've been MIA, I've successfully cut back on the internet in a major way and spent the weekend painting my new chicken coop and trying to get this place in shape before Christmas.

Now, I'm alone with the kids for THREE WEEKS. little kid will be going to daycare when his lady gets back on the 30th, but Big Kid is out until the 5th. Heaven help us.

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Lori said...

It's going to be a tough three weeks. Just remember we all here for you. Vent away!

Oh, and those baby squirrels don't look dead at all. At that age (about 4 weeks old), they would still be in a nest. Where they would snuggle all day long.

I use to work at a wildlife rehabilitation center and have raised thousands of baby squirrels. They make horrible pets though. Once they are old enough to fend for themselves (about 12 weeks old) they are nothing but eye-scratching, biting, evil little fuckers.

P.S. I'm sorry I didn't see your post about the baby mouse in time to help you. I can assure you that you did not kill it though. Even if he did aspirate the milk, he wouldn't have died that quickly. Poor little thing probably died from internal trauma caused by the dog.