Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No Snow

I'm so tired. I had a late afternoon/all evening tree lighting event I had to work at tonight. Of course, the ONE time I decide not to bring chairs, because every other time they provide chairs and someone specifically told me they had a "table and chairs" for me, there were no chairs.

BUT, I wouldn't have been able to sit any way. These people really liked balloons. Like a lot. So much that they kept coming back for more or needing 6 for siblings who couldn't be seen. They all preferred a particular color for their balloon and were willing to wait (stare at you) until one became available.

Unfortunately for me, since my helium tank probably weighs 100 lbs and dislocated one of my knuckles earlier in the day, the freaking tank ran out about 45 minutes in. It must have been leaking, I guess the guy wasn't kidding when he told me I needed a wrench.

Also unfortunately for me, I managed to ruin people's Christmas over my lack of free balloons. A few were a little grouchy about it, taking the free candy canes I offered reluctantly and asking if they could have uninflated balloons. As if it was my idea to lug around 100lbs of empty tank to and from this place for nothing.

Once the 300 candy canes were gone there was an hour left and the wind began to blow snow from one of the snow machines in my direction. For those unfamiliar with Florida's festive snow, it is soap flakes blown from street lights. I was freezing, my mouth tasted like soap, my hair was getting damp and I had chunks of soap all over my clothes.

I made the executive decision to leave about 45 minutes early. All good opportunities were pretty much done at that point, and I was near an edge and able to easily slip away. Plus--I had soap flakes all over me. Come on. That's just not right.

So all in all, not a great night. I was going to give you all some links, but I don't think I'm even going to do that. No offense, maybe tomorrow.


Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

ugh, sucky night...sorry about that.

Amo said...

It seems like the majority of our kmoms holiday events ended very similarly. OH, and then there was the fateful time they insisted we do a New Year's Eve event even though it wasn't our demographic and started at 8p.m.! (What do we know about our audience?!) There was no table, no chairs, nuttin. In the hour it took the lovely city maintenance employees to get our table for the sign-up box that wasn't going to have a damn thing in it once we told people we weren't giving anything away, we left. It was ridiculous.

But I bet a certain aussie will be there this year again! (Cause the 'print people' just. don't. get. it.)

Anonymous said...

I would take that snow over the real stuff anyday. Though it's definitely not fun to be covered it any kind of snow at any point!