Monday, December 22, 2008


It would be inappropriate to meet little kid's daycare provider at the airport with a packed bag and a ticket to go with her to Indiana, right?

I mean...she loves him. Like, a lot. And he loves airplanes.

He could entertain her 1 year old.

I'm thinking it's a win-win.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, please do not send him to Indiana. Unless, of course, he enjoys sub zero weather and 6" of ice everywhere. If he has aspirations of becoming a zamboni driver, send him on up.

Renee said...

Send him to me! He and David would have a ball getting into everything. I have a drawer full of sharpies in my office, it's at eye level for a kid. He would be in heaven. :) We'd love the company. He is cordially invited.

-The Renee