Friday, March 27, 2009

It is Friday

I know it is going to make you all sad, because it makes me a little sad too, but I just can't go meet Richard today. Money-wise it was practically a wash and getting someone to pick the kids up from school and driving around Miami by myself just seemed too ambitious. Also, I seriously need to pack.

I know it's a bummer, we can only hope such opportunities arise in the future.

Thanks for all of the votes in our scale of hotness poll. I see that we're all pretty much on the same wave length (except for the 4 people who voted "Gorgeous"...most likely Kade's self, his mom, his dad and himself again from his cell phone) with him being average or just below, with it dropping straight to butt ugly once you factor personality in. I have a hard time believing Angelina Jolie was ogling him, but she did fuck Billy Bob Thornton for a while, so who knows.

Most of his funny commenters have decided to boycott him for five days and I think this is a wise choice. I heard the timer bell ding on his 15 minutes; he's pretty much a one trick pony and we've seen the trick. I have been reading funny commenter Matt Beauchamp's blog and loving it and will be subduing my Arthur urges by visiting there.

I'm off to work but will be around. Have a good day, imaginary friends!


Anonymous said...

I understand the logistics of not actually going to meet with Richard today, but I think it still might be fun to imagine what it would have been like... You could do an imaginary interview. He's pretty predictable.

Jennifer said...

"fuck Billy Bob Thornton" I'm not sure why this is making me laugh so hard. Maybe because she went from butt ugly to super hot.

Caren said...

Oh Ashley... I am so, so, so, sad that you're not meeting Richard today. I just love him and would have greatly enjoyed your take on him.

As for Arthur... you've gotten me addicted. I'll have to check out the funny commenter's blog, maybe that will help me.

I saw Billy Bob Thornton once, in Philly funny enough, I was taking my camp kids from the Visitor's Center to the Liberty Bell and he passed us crossing the street with some skanky chick on his arm. Some of the older kids recognized him and he was surprisingly much cuter in person than I would have thought... he had great skin! LMAO!

Shannon said...

Awww. You and Richard would have had fun, but I understand. Although the potential of having 1/10 the hilarity of when he was on "Whose line is it anyway" (google it)would have been AWESOME. Oh yeah, and that Arthur guy...never heard of him and he's not even as good looking as a young Sly Stalone, but that's what he reminds me of.