Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jewish Cowboy

little kid's newest catch phrase is "OH.MAH.GAH" which translates to "OH MY GOD". He says it very dramatically, very much in an "Oh my god, Becky, look at her butt" Sir Mix Alot kind of way.

I take full responsibility for this, since every time I leave him alone for a moment I usually come back and feel the need to yell "OH-MY-GOD, LITTLE KID!".

He has also found a beanie-type hat from when he was around 12 months old and he jerks it down over his head. It fits more like a yarmulke than a hat and looks totally insane. He often wears it with his boots and says he's a cowboy. A Jewish cowboy, maybe.

I've got to get you all a picture of that. There's just no describing it.


Caren said...

A Bucky Goldstein of sorts huh? I love it... pictures would be fantastic!

Paige said...

I have got to see that--this kid is a trip!

Anonymous said...

my little one covers her mouth and says, "oh, goodness!" and "oh honey!" in a very disappointed tone. much for the same reason. i think i have to start wearing adult diapers, because every time i go to the bathroom, she destroys something.

Anonymous said...

Gumballs now shakes her head and says "ay yi yi" anytime something major happens. That's what 4 years of Jewish preschool will do for ya!

Melodie said...

Can't wait for the pic!