Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Clearing Up

I see that a lot of people lately feel the need to explain or apologize if they leave a comment anonymously. I just want to clear up that commenting anonymously is completely okay--that is why it is an option. I know it's hard enough to motivate enough to leave a comment, little less registering and logging in and all that jazz, so anonymous commenting is okay.

The only reason anonymous commenters get ridiculed is because they're usually douchebags. If you aren't being a douchebag, no need to apologize!

In fact, I have been meaning to compliment you all on the amount of commenting going on. Even before we got a turd in here to stir up even more conversation, you all have been doing great lately. Some of your comments have meant a lot to me and others just plain crack me up.

I know I've been sucking around here more than ever but I've got God slamming all kinds of doors and opening all kinds of windows on me; it is total chaos around here. Him and I are just barely on speaking terms again; I was on strike from Him until just a week or two ago, but that definitely wasn't working out so well either. We're trying to patch things up now, but I'm still a little ticked that it looks like our plans for my future aren't matching up how I'd hoped. I doubt I'll be a regular church-goer anytime soon or anything...baby steps and all that.

The good (and bad) news is that I will most likely have a lot more time to spend with you at some point soon, but right now I'm busy with work and coming up with a New, New Life Plan and that makes me a half-assed blogger.

Don't worry, I'll be able to discuss it all one of these days soon...I'm just now moving past complete heart-skipping, breath-stealing anxiety attack stage and will be my old self soon. Or my old, new self. Or would it be my new, old self? I don't know, let's just hope for Me, But Better.

In the meantime, let's all just pretend that all is good while we're in the closet and I thank you for tolerating the quiet pauses. That's the downside to me being a real person and all, I get busy or tired or just plain run out of things to say.

Luckily, as long as Big Kid is crazy or Pam isn't wearing pants, we should have plenty to talk about. We'll have a long and (mostly) happy future together here in the closet.


Amo said...


I must be missing something super cool right now.

Busy or not-so-busy, your loyal followers will take you in any form.

Preferably clothed and all that.

Unless you type nude, and then carry on.


As you were.

Kira said...

AMEN sister!
And here's a smack on the ass to keep you joyful. Like in football. :)

Un-anonymously yours,
The Mommy

Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

You sound like the new adventures of the old Christine...

Unknown said...

Hey Ashley, Know what I like about your blog? You are such a real person, with real challenges...I read so many blogs of young women who seem so insulated from family, financial and emotional difficulties. I am sure they are lovely people and I do get something from their blogs, but for the love of god...is the choice of stationary for the babies 18 month birthday party really worth all that effort? I'd much rather hear about the wonders and frustrations of your curious, obviously highly intelligent, manipulative and loving little guys! Hang in there, sista...oh, and by the way, have you ever read anything about Deism? Kind of an interesting way of thinking about religion. Don't worry about he quiet pauses, we'll still be here!

Unknown said...

That is really nice to hear Lori, because it's really hard to do sometimes. It is very tempting to just paint myself in the most flattering light possible and it would be really easy to just hide the hurts and fears and failures and trust me, I've definitely struggled with that.

Usually though, no matter what I'm going through, someone "out there" gets it or is going through similar. That makes it a little less scary.

Also, how many New, New life plans start with ass slapping and naked blogging? That's a promising future, right there.


Hautemama said...

I hope everything's okay.

compulsively yours...for now said...

Ashley you have united all the women and readied us for battle so you go girl, we like that you are willing to expose your life to us and most of us (dumb anon) can relate or just laugh, cause it is good to turn the dumpy parts of life and make them into a bit of a comedy and or drama who cares, we like reading about your life and want to move in with you.

so make room baby cause we on our way.

Paige said...

Hang in there sister--I too like that about you, that you are such a real person

Julie H said...

Hope everything is ok with you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ash-
I hope things get better for you soon. We'll take whatever we can get of you!!

Things suck for most people right now. In fact, I'm waiting to hear if my hubby lost his job. YIPEEE!!! This is the time for people to come together for a laugh, a cry or even some ANON-A-BASHING!! yeehaw!

Keep up the good work. =)

Anonymous said...

I haven't been commenting much lately - sorry - but I've been here enjoying you like usual! I too hope everything is okay! And I promise to try to be a better commenter...

jenn said...

Hmm, I hope all is OK with you. Sounds stressful right now. :(

I like the idea of Me, But Better. Lately I've been doing Me, But Fatter & it really isn't doing much for me. Strangely.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lori. I love reading your blog and I think that you're refreshingly honest and relatable. Big Kid's antics are the frosting on the cupcake!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm too lazy to log in today. Just wanted to tell you how you affected my life positively today. I remembered the old life plan, and today is work it out Wednesday. There is a phone call I've been avoiding and although I haven't done it yet I am going to right now. It needs to get done.
So thanks for being you!


jennyandcompany said...

hugs and loves to you. those small windows will lead to better opportunities than you could have imagined, you just have to trust and take the leap.

so, did you not watch the bachelor? that was crazy stuff!

Renee said...

LOL at Jenn's "Me, But Fatter" - that one isn't doing anything for me either. I'm back on my healthy eating plan.....for now (I'm having brown rice and lentils for breakfast - weird). I am so glad you're still blogging and holding it together - I know things are really tough right now. I am right there with you on any and all Fresh Starts and New Life Plans you might introduce. :)

-The Renee

Anonymous said...

I agree, you keep it real. I get sick of the how great everything is every f*&%ing day blogs!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this snuggie parody (don't show Big Kid - has adult language & slurs):

~Gretchen~ said...

just saying 'howdy'

i miss ya.

KatBouska said...

I actually do try to paint myself in the most flattering light on my blog. That's why I'm still in the closet with you. I feel like I can be myself here.

Things will turn around...don't turn your back on God. Right now he is holding you and stroking your head and telling you "shush my sweet child, twill get better, I am here, and I am God and it twill because I say it twill." At least that's what OUR relationship is like.

K gotta go...Kainoa's party is coming up and I have NOOOO idea what kind of stationary we'll be using for his invitations. AACK.

Mom of 5 said...

It's been awhile since I said hello. I have been reading the old chaw logs and it brings back a lot of memories, which has made me think of you.

I'm sorry things are so rough. I am with you on the ups and downs. It just seems to come one after the other, doesn't it? I hope things get better soon, and I miss chatting with you.


Auti said...

I know we did not part under the best of circumstances but I want you to know I consider you a friend and still really care about you. You were there for me during a really crappy time and it sucks that you are having a shitty time now. I'm sorry that we can't be there for you. It makes me sad. XOXOXOXO Autumn

Anonymous said...

A wise nun once told me after the loss of DS1 to go ahead and get pissed at the Person Upstairs. Have a good ol' fashioned screaming fit at him/her and call him every name in the book, she can take it, and wants to know your fury at him. I did that, and it was very therapeutic. Try it.

Anyway, just letting you know that there is someone out here in So. CA who is having a word with the Person Upstairs and is asking that he cut you some slack. I swear it will get better.


Anonymous said...

Ashley, anonymous commenter here... Just wanted to take this time to say your jealous rages are out of control and totally turning me off from your blog. (I do continue to read, though...) Your butt is semi-biggish in a picture from Catfish's wedding and you have bad hair days. Haha, Miss Perfect.

I like this anonymous bit...

Take that!

OOPS! Oh, wait... NOT Shannie. I repeat, this is NOT Shannie. This is ANONYMOUS.

Take that!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, girlie! You can escape up to Georgia whenever you want! I'll take you in and feed you booze and chocolate. And tell you how smart, pretty and funny you are. XO

I HATE anonymous commenters that act like jerks. ^^^^^

Oh.... Um... Yeah... That's NOT me. I swear.

Love you. ;-)

Jess said...

Haha, that was good, Shannie.

I wish the best for you, and if I could give you a great big hug and tell you to hang in there, I would.

I don't know what is going on, but I want it to be better for you.

(Hello to all the other chaw commenters. Nothing like seeing a chaw online that makes me smile.)

~Gretchen~ said...

OMG! my girls just saw the snuggie commercial and are begging for one. "But mom! it's a blanket with arms!"