Saturday, March 28, 2009


I got 435 votes on my "how hot is Arthur Kade" poll and the results are as follows:

40% gave him a 3-4 (Unattractive, just doesn't do it for me)

30% gave him a 5-6 (Average, wouldn't look twice but if he was nice we could talk)

20% gave him a 1-2 (Butt fucking ugly, he makes me puke in my mouth)

6% gave him a 7-8 (Good looking, not movie star gorgeous)

1% (a total of 5 votes) gave him a 9-10 (Gorgeous, next Brad Pitt or George Clooney)

This is proof that Arthur is Average-Unattractive in looks and then hits butt fucking ugly once you know more about him. A solid 4, at best.

Thank you for voting.

1 comment:

Kaite said...

I cannot help but wonder how people would alter their ratings after actually hearing him speak/watching him "dance".

Certainly demoted my vote.