Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby's 1st Hair 3.5!


Brushed out

It was finally time to get little kid's hair cut since everyone was starting to think he was a girl. He's pissed that it isn't spiky and although it's cute, the style doesn't really fit his personality (it's actually a little dorky) so I'm taking him back in and letting him get it spiky like his brother. He was a really good boy for the actual cut and was excited to have it done.

Big Kid has been in deep mourning for the curls. I've had to forbid him from mentioning it because I didn't want him to upset little kid but he definitely had the hardest time of all. It was a little hard for me at first (only because he looks so big!) but I was so sick of seeing it messy.

I am looking forward to seeing it short and spiky though--it's like having a human chia pet!

P.S. Big Kid just saw the photos and cried out, "I miss his baby hair!!"

I do too, a little bit.


Jennifer said...

OMG, he is so freakin' cute. I could just eat him up. You can just see the mess all over him. And by "mess" I mean sweet little boy mischievousness.

Anonymous said...

DYING, laughing right now!! Adorable! This will leave a permanant grin on my face till bedtime..and then the xanax will take over that job...hahaha. Look forward to seeing the "sharp" haired look!! ~CoCo

Anonymous said...

It may have been better if you waited to cut his hair until after your entry into the witness protection, I mean move. That way your new "friend" would have had a harder time picking you out in a crowd. Oh well. Too cute though!

Former Fat Chick said...


Joy said...

OMFG he is so dang cute I could just squeeze him!

I know it is hard but the short little spiky do is so dang cute on little ones. Wyatt had his hair cut professionally for the first time at are you ready? 6 mths!! and YES he needed it, he looked like a pittyful homeless child it was so messy and long. BTW it was a barber shop and they said he was the youngest ever:)

Anonymous said...

I think I've just died of cuteness.

Make sure to post pics with his spikes too!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, he needs to go spiky! The choirboy haircut is way too tame for his personality. Just watch out, he might decide glue makes good spikes!

Ms Vic

jenn said...

What a handsome boy! I can't wait to see the spiky. It's the perfect complement to his personality.

Melanie said...

He looks so much bigger than the last time you posted a pic of him! What a doll.

I personally side with Big Kid on this one. I like the long hair, but both my boys have it and I have to just deal with people calling them girls. Just be glad our kids are pretty enough to be called girls, although I question the intellect of people who see a kid in a football shirt, dirty jeans, and light-up black and blue Sketchers and say, 'Oh yeah, that's a girl!' Thanks Siloh Jolie Pitt. Anyway, I can't wait to see the updated cut too!

"Cookie" said...

Such a stinking cutie!!! He looks like a man in the "after" shot. Can't wait to see the spike look though. :)

Cindy said...

Oh, I just want to chew on his little chubby cheeks! "Before" is adorable; "After" cracks me up; I think "Spikey" sounds like it will be the winner. Thanks for sharing.

I had to have my youngest son's hair cut as soon as he was old enough to sit up. When he was an infant, everyone called him either Lyle Lovett or Kramer.


Theresa said...

He's super cute! Glad you posted pics! Can't wait to see the spikes.

Sasha said...

Can't wait to see the spike on him- he looks cute as-is, but yes, I agree the spike will fit the personality.

I wish P could have spiky hair, but he has duck fuzz on his head and all we can do with it is buzz it or it just sticks out and looks all crazy.