Friday, February 26, 2010

Bus Stop Reunion

I forgot to tell you all that I saw Bus Stop Mom again.

I thought she was avoiding me because we *never* saw each other again. Which was fine--a little odd since she seemed so eager and since I'm in her front yard every week day and since she ran right up to Mr. Ashley, but whatever.

I usually leave all of the windows down when I'm at the bus stop so she knows I'm not the one avoiding her. (Even though I kind of am avoiding her. I don't want to be mean, I just don't want to be buddies or deal with her for any amount of time.)

But on the day I got laid off, I wasn't about to screw around with her for one minute so I arrived at the bus stop at the last possible minute--and then the bus was 25 minutes late. In order to seem as unapproachable as possible, I crossed my arms on the top of my steering wheel and rested my head on them. I was in a little bit of a daze there with my eyes closed and the sun warming up my hair when I heard a knock at my window.

I rolled it down and said hello.

"Hi! I watch you at the bus stop every morning from up there, up at my place up there."

"Oh...but Big Kid doesn't take the bus in the morning. I drive him."

"I know."

"Oh. Okay." I was thoroughly confused. I guess she watches as I drive by? That's a comforting, not creepy at all kind of thought.

"Why doesn't he take the bus in the morning? It's not that bad, he should just take the bus. You should do that. I don't know why you don't."

"It's 20 minutes earlier. I just drive him so we can sleep 10 minutes longer. Ha ha." I joke, half-heartedly.

She then stuck her head in through my window and peered around my vehicle. I had to lean all the way back in my seat to stay out of the way of her face. For a split second, I seriously considered digging my fingers into her eyeballs.

"Oh, you have third row seating. You do, right? You should drive my son too." (My third row wasn't up, so it isn't like she saw a whole empty back bench waiting to be filled. She just realized I must have one.)

I searched frantically for the bus, briefly thinking that if I somehow lost Big Kid and my job in one day, I would go on a killing spree and she would be first. "Uhmm, yeah, er...I'm moving though, remember? In 2 days."

"Oh, well still."

STILL WHAT? We sat there in awkward silence.

"Your daughter is so cute, she was asleep last time. That's a fun age, just walking. I see she scraped her knee," I nodded to her barely skinned knee, at a total loss for what to say to fill the silence.

"Oh, her dad's a doctor. Did I tell you that? Yeah, I did tell you that. He's here right now, I'm going to go hand her to him so he can take care of that. You're lucky daddy's a doctor," she told her as she turned away.

I thought she was coming back but she didn't and the bus finally came after making a wrong turn somewhere along the way.

She only had my work cell phone number, so there was one up side to being laid off. I know she was fun for you all but she gives me the heebie jeebies big time. I do hope she finds whatever she needs--a friend, a man, some meds, something. I am just not whatever that is.

Hopefully, this concludes the short saga of Bus Stop Mom.


Anonymous said...

Um, wow. Quite the week you've had yourself, huh?

Duel Living said...

RIP Busstop Mom....we will miss your crazy ass.

PaperCourt said...

I've really enjoyed these stories. Please keep in touch..for us!

Anonymous said...

We'll survive Ashley! Besides, I'd rather you survive to blog another day! Psycho stalker. And throw in some pathological lying. I mean, what doctor would marry or have kids with his chick?
Kelli in LA

Tara said...

wow, she's freaking creepy!! eeek!

I've come to find out that most people are really weird.

dayna said...

creeeeeepy. I think the (hopeful) break from crazy girl is definitely a silver lining!!

Cindy said...

The cell phone was for your work?! EXCELLENT! Get aWAY from that freakshow.

Was there even a "Doctor-Daddy" anywhere to be seen?


Kent said...

"Oh, well still."


Jennifer said...

I'm sure you'll find something else to write about. And girl we all know you don't need any more crazy or needy in your life. (said in a loving friend type way of course)

Bad Mommy said...

Damn. She sounds psycho. I'm uncomfortable just reading about her.

lindsey said...

sleep 10 minutes longer.... TOTALLY worth it. 600 minutes worth it.

Melissa said...

For the record, I want it duly the record, that I said on day 1 after the first mention of Bus Stop Mom that she was going to be more trouble than she's worth.

So clearly, you need to run all your future aquaintances through me. ;-)