Friday, February 5, 2010


Almost a week of silence in the closet! Oh how I owe you all an apology this time! I have plenty of good excuses thanks to a series of unfortunate and unrelated events culminating in a complete technology apocalypse for me. My Blackberry died and then I could only get online on Big Kid's laptop which is virus-infected, missing the "L" key cap, and the screen is dying so it's super dim and gives me a headache.

I went almost 10 days with no Blackberry and was almost completely unconnected. At first it was awful, then it was inconvenient, and was fine. I could check my email at home (between pop-up malware, squinting at the screen) and since being online was so inconvenient, I just did my work and then got off. I checked my voicemail periodically throughout the day when I had time to deal with it. I was well on my way to being cured of all internet addiction.

But then my work replaced my Blackberry Pearl with a Blackberry Bold on Wednesday...and it has Scrabble on it. I love you all, but not more than Scrabble.

So I'm back, more or less, between Scrabble games.

You didn't miss much. Here's a recap:
1. More people wandering through backyard all weekend because the realtor told them that was fine
2. More yelling at Realtor, refusal of any future dealings with Realtor
3. Three freaking house showings
4. Looking at every house in town, finding no houses, brief hysteria
5. Found perfect house in perfect neighborhood with most amazing kitchen ever, fingers crossed.
6. little kid is convinced my absolutely amazing, sweet, kind, fun and awesome supervisor (not ass kissing there either, you all would love her) viciously scratches and bites me, despite me telecommuting and her being on maternity leave for the last two months.
7. little kid can write the letters "H" and "O" and although I taught him "Oh", he now writes "Ho" all over everything.
8. little kid is obsessed with poison dart frogs and claims to have gotten a job that pays him in pets instead of money.

That's all that I can remember right now. It wasn't an awesome or funny week, you're probably lucky you didn't have to deal with me. I also got some really bizarre spam this week--I seem to attract emo-related spam lately? Geez, am I that miserable? I swear I'm not! Maybe I'll save them and do a spam entry soon.

Anyway, I'm back.


Caren said...

Missed you Ashley and glad you're back. My husband just applied for a job in your neck of the woods (at least I think) and I know I'd love to come down there and be able to go to the beach in the winter. We're awaiting 12+ inches of snow right now. Ugh!

Have a great weekend. Have fun scrabbling!

jenn said...

Wow. I'm not sure how to react about being ranked below Scrabble. I'm hurt - I won't lie. I think you could send me your new Blackberry, and we'll call it even.

Unknown said...

Jenn, there's also Word Mole, Pac Man and Tetris but I didn't want to seem like a total geek. I do love me some Scrabble though.

Caren, if hubs gets the job, you have to let me know! It's been high 70s and sunny this week (getting cloudy/rainy now though).

Jennifer said...

I often wonder what would happen to me if I was laptopless. I don't think it would be a pretty site. Probably a lot of crying in the dark.

Theresa said...

glad you're back. all my internet friends have been MIA this week.

Anonymous said...

Ihave a blackberry bold too! Where is this scrabble?

Julie H said...

I'm such an addict I can't make it that long with no computer!

Joy said...

So glad you're back! I was starting to worry.

Human runner said...

Yay, you're back! Sorry to hear about all the Realtor drama. I'm pretty sure that kind of thing would send me to the loony bin.