Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dear Sarah Silverman,

I have to say, I always thought you were funny. I like Jimmy Kimmel and always thought you'd be a fun couple to go out for drinks with. I can relate to a questionable sense of humor and I have been guilty of making Britney jokes in the past (find me someone who hasn't, really), HOWEVER, your performance at the VMAs was REP-RE-HENSIBLE.

First of all, it's pretty much like making fun of a mentally retarded person at this point. I can let that slide though because others are doing it and we all know that it is okay to do something if others are doing it. However, calling her kids mistakes?? NOT COOL. We all know that. We've all thought that (or something along those lines). But to say it on national television? Skanky.

Also, while we're on the subject, you had a joke along the lines of them being as cute as the hairless vagina they came out of. Let me clear up that both kids were elective C-sections. As someone that actually had to push kids out of her va-jay-jay at an unscheduled time with no hair/makeup or optional tummy tuck included, I feel like it is important to make sure we aren't giving her credit where none is due.

Can I also go ahead and say that you weren't really that funny, even aside from the Britney thing? Pretty amusing to watch you both bomb.

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that it wasn't cool. I know you are Jewish and I don't want you giving my people (because I am an honorary Jew, Happy Rosh Hashana by the way) a bad name. Don't give Mel Gibson something to curse about, know what I mean?


Yours Truly,

P.S. I do want to let you know that I don't blame you for Brit's piss poor performance. I blame drugs for that...and lots of them.


Olivia: (mostly) Happy Homemaker said...

So true and well-said!

Anonymous said...

OK, I never think Sarah Silverman is funny. She is someone I want to think is funny, but am disappointed every time. She really is just shocking, not funny. And there is no skill involved in that.

But let me tell you the c-section, elective or not, is not necessarily an easier or more glamorous route. I know that Sarah Silverman's joke did not make any sense because "Brit" did not have the "mistakes" the v way. But I am sure her dumb ass suffered some pain too, for a couple weeks. She just got to come home with a tight little tummy and mine was sagging over my incision. Oh yeah, I would have to lift it (the saggy flabby tummy) for everybody to check it out and make sure it was healing ok. AND it was worse the second time around.

Ned said...

Shame on MTV for exploiting her for ratings. We all knew she would bomb due to her little"problem" of drugs. To keep bashing her just isn't funny anymore.

Anonymous said...

i agree Ashley
I think she is really creepy and substitutes vulgarity for humor

Anonymous said...

A.M.E.N. Very well said.

Jazz said...

Here Here!!

Is that how you spell it, or is it Hear Hear??

I dunno.

I'm just trying to come up with a mire creative way of saying "I agree" but I think I have fucked it up haven't I?