Tuesday, September 11, 2007


My computer is in the final death throes now, I believe. The screen flickers constantly and whenever it flickers I get an error message and have to press OK to make it go away. It just won't even recognize the cord anymore and is running out of battery power at an alarming rate. I got a new cord but that didn't work. WAAAAAAAAAAH!

I've had all kinds of brillant and witty things to say, but you're just going to have to take my word for it because I've had to hit OK 3 times already while typing this. I really should be getting ready to go to Disney instead of talking to you all, but I just want the option, you know? Mr. Ashley does not think this is a priority and he is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. This is a freaking emergency, is what this is (hitting OK again).

Also, my cell phone literally broke in half, but I was still managing to use it by holding it together with 2 hands (I know, freaking ridiculous), but yesterday it stopped making noises. I can text message, but this is just not acceptable. Mr. Ashley says I have to just go get one of the free phones and renew our contract. I've had the free phone for 4 years knowing that my next phone will be a nice one. I'm the only person on the planet without a camera phone. I've been holding my raggedy cell phone together with 2 hands. I AM GETTING THE LG enV!! I don't care if we're broke, I'll have it for another 4 years. Mr. Ashley is really resistant to the idea but I have made it clear that I really just want him to make it happen (hitting OK again).

Alright, this is a pretty long SOS post (hitting OK again). I probably could've said a few of the witty and brilliant things I was withholding from you because of technical difficulties but instead I used it as an opportunity to bitch. Sorry 'bout that. Maybe I'll be back later.


Deb said...

I've got a five-year-old laptop you can have if yours dies. It runs like a charm, because I haven't touched it since I got my Mac two years ago. It's simply unthinkable that you would stop posting because of technical difficulties. Blink twice for yes. Once for no.

PINK POPPY said...

and...in regards to your cell phone issues....if you haven't renewed your contract recently....and have a membership to costco..you may want to look into that route..I got a *PINK* katana for free~ and I love it!!! (with a rebate-of course) so that is maybe something to think about too....i currently was not under an agreement with my carrier & then when i resigned for 2 years (no upgrade of plan or anything) got the Katana for free -and its a camera phone....so you may look into something like that & PLEASE get blinking to Debbie~ so that we your loyal readers~dont get cut off from our daily does of Ashley!!!!! :) hope this helps!

Judy said...

Don't know who your carrier is, but every free phone was a camera phone when I re-upped with AT&T - do it online for the good deals.

Ms. Skywalker said...

My cell phone just busted today.

And my computer? My sister said to me recently, "are you trying to do that on a real computer, or that pos that you have?" Um, hello, are they not the same?

I hear you, but barely, you're breaking up on me.

~Gretchen~ said...

hmmm. with your bad luck, you could be, well, me.

Fluffy Windover said...

You can probably get a camera phone cheap, if not free. I just got one by renewing my contract for two years and only had to pay like $20 for the camera phone. Which, I might add, is really no great shakes. I only use the camera now because I lost my real camera and the BHE won't let me buy a $1000 Nikon D70 SLR to replace said lost digital camera... THE NERVE.