Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Young Love

So when I went to Kmart the other day, I found some unbelievable good deals and it was totally worth trolling those filthy aisles in search of the bargains. Among the good deals they had 50% off all of their clearance clothes and it seemed that all of their summer kids' apparel was clearanced. I got the boys piles of shorts and board shorts and paid no more than $1.75 for any of it.

I also found an adorable little green terry cloth tank and short set and a black tank top with jolly rogers with pink bows and hearts in the eyes for Emawee. SO FREAKING CUTE. And I think I paid $4 total, if even. I got it home and Mr. Ashley proceeded to quarrel with me about how long it would be before she could wear it because it was a size 6, so I held it up to the Big Kid.

Ashley: Look, it's not that big. Especially with a tank top under it. Besides, it was like $1...who cares if she has to wait to wear it.

Big Kid: I wuv it! I want to put it on now please.

Mr. Ashley: NO! That's not for you, it's for Emily. That is a girl's shirt.

Big Kid: But I tink it's weally so cool.

Mr. Ashley: Too bad. You're a boy.

Big Kid: Den why are we even doing dis to me? Why did you holded it up against me? Why are we doing all dis stuff when it's not even for the Big Kid? (about to cry)

Ashley: We bought these things for Em. Presents for her.

Big Kid: (huge grin) For my Emmers? Yes, okay. My Emmers will wike dese tings. Dese tings are beeyootidul and weally so cool dor her.

So the next day I meet up with LK and Em at another Kmart to search for more bargains. The Big Kid goes running up to her:

Big Kid: I got someting dor you.

Emawee: (smiles) Really? What is it?

Big Kid: It is a shirt and some shorts dat are gween and den dere is a shirt with da pirates all over it but da pirates are gruls. It's dor gruls. Dor you.

Emawee: Really?! Where is it?

Big Kid: It is in my mom's car, she will get dem dor you.

Emawee: Oh Big Kid! Oh Big Kid! I really love you so much, I do. Come give me a hug. (hugs). And a kiss (kiss). Thank you for my presents. I love you. Do you love me?

Big Kid: Yes, Emmers.

Emawee: Say it. Tell me you love me.

Big Kid: I wuv you Emmers. (walking away hand in hand)

They behaved for hours while LK and I scoured for bargains. And we scored BIG TIME. I have a wall of detergent. I got bags of cat food for $0.25. I've got so many cleaning products that when Mr. Ashley finally gives in and let's me have a housekeeper, she'll be well stocked for quite a while.

We went out to the parking lot and Big Kid gave his Emmers her clothes and she was over the moon with happiness. He was blushing to the tips of his toes as she squealed and hugged and oohed and aaaahed. We let them ride together in my car to McDonald's and after several moments of silence she said:

Big Kid, really thank you so much for my clothes. I love them. And I love you. Really I do.

Big Kid: I wuv you too, my Emmers. I'm glad it made you feel so happy.

HOW FREAKING CUTE IS THAT?? They are adorable together.

Next Friday we're going to Disney World together for 3 nights and they are both ecstatic. We made paper chains and every night we cut off another loop and I think the grown-ups are just as excited as the kiddos. It's even cooler that they get to do it with their bestfriend.

It's also pretty cool that LK and I will be eating lunch with Cinderella at her castle. We're getting tiaras for the occasion and everything. With all that money we saved at Kmart, and the effort we put forth to do so, we deserve some Goddamn tiaras and lunch in a freaking castle.


Lynda Kay said...

"We deserve some Goddamn tiaras and lunch in a freaking castle"...
I couldn't have said it any better my dear

Misty said...

That is the sweetest thing!!! so cute!!

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest effing story I ever read!! Damn that is cute..and I LOVE how you write it just how he is saying it :) Awesome!

Oh and as for the chain to signify how many days are left, that is so badass!! Totally stealing the idea!

Sasha said...

That is absolutely adorable! The Politician also has a gf- only he doesn't want to kiss her as much as she wants to kiss him. When I pick him up from Catholic School, about four 4-year-old girls run and up give him hugs and he just looks at me like "Help me mom!"

Deb said...

You DO deserve the tiaras and lunch with a princess.

I have to go to K-Mart now. Don't say anything funny while I'm gone.

Kate said...

I will trade you my 2 Big Kids for your Big Kid...the only condition is, you have to take him back when he's no longer cute, oh about age 7 and you have to keep my two until they venture out in the world on their own. Did I mention that my daughter is going through raging puberty? I really think you would be getting the better end of the bargain though. No?? You don't think so? I can't imagine why.....

Monogram Momma said...

2 weekends ago Mr. monogram was out of town so I got a sitter and went out to dinner w/ a girlfriend of mine. We were intending to go to the movies but opted instead for....wait for it... Kmart shopping at 9pm on a Saturday night to see what kind of deals we could get for toys.

I loathe those dirty aisles at Kmart also. You know monogram momma does NOT do dirty department type stores! However, like you, I do make my trusty weekly trip to kmart for the deals. How on earth they aren't completely out of business yet is beyond my comprehension b/c of the stuff they practically give away. Like Cranium games? at 50% off? And then another 10% off Just beacuse???! How 'bout if Target get's on this discount bandwagon b/c I can't ever find a good deal over there.
Anyway, I'm already stocking up for Christmas w/ toys.

~Gretchen~ said...

i hate you for your easy access to kmart. the closest one to me is 250 miles. you suck.

Unknown said...

It sounds like I'm a-gonna have to make the dreaded trip too and catch some deals.. I do love me a sweet deal.
why are all K-Marts so filthy and why aren't they out of business yet?

And I think it's incredibly cute how they love each other so.. how cute would it be if they ended up married.. what fun pictures they can look back on!

Lynda Kay said...

Seriously, I saved over $50 the other day..and Em's favorite thing out of all the clothes we got her? The ones she thinks Big Kid picked out. I also saw the little love birds randomly kissing throughout the toy section as well..This is what I heard: "Want to give me a kiss Big Kid?" Your son was quick to oblige his little lady, then I saw a couple more smooches and a lot more hand-holding go down before we finally got out of there.

Olivia: (mostly) Happy Homemaker said...

Love it, Love it, Love it! And you will love breakfast at Cinderella's Castle. Have fun!!

Buford Betty said...

Sooooo cute! And I am so hitting our ghetto Kmart this weekend!!!

Mom O Matic said...

Kmart is random. One day it's great deals, the next gross stuff and sticky aisles. But worth an occasional troll! Glad you found stuff and have fun on your trip!

Lynda Kay said...

I LOVE HITTING YOUR RANDOM POST BUTTON!! I forgot about this day! They sure haven't changed much..he's always loved to give his girls' gifts...& Em? "Do you love me? Say it. Tell me you love me!" Yeah...not much has changed. Oh, & that cute shirt you bought her? She just wore it yesterday... :)