Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Accidental History Lesson

I'm really tired, so I decided to share some links instead of a real post and somehow got on a history theme. I know, thrilling, right?

Caravaggio used photography to create art
Last photo of Lincoln discovered in Grant's album
America: Motivational poster
Mystery of Anastasia Solved
Hiroshima: the pictures they didn't want us to see
Hidden message in Lincoln's watch

It's all interesting stuff, I swear.


Renee said...

Oh, the picture of the mom nursing her baby in the Hiroshima link made me tear up. :( Lincoln's watch story was neat.

-The Renee

Theresa said...

The Hiroshima pictures were absolutely heartbreaking. Thanks for brightening my day. So very sad and it makes me wonder of the necessity. I guess that line of thought doesn't really matter because what's done is done, but hopefully it will make today's leaders of nations think just a little longer about the end effect of such decisions.

Anonymous said...

You truly find the coolest and thought provoking stuff on the net. The Hiroshima pictures broke my heart and the picture of the mother nursing her baby brought tears to my eyes.

Unknown said...

Yeah, Hiroshima was some seriously crazy shit. I found another link of pictures several months ago and got to really thinking about it and researching it and I just cannot believe we did that.

Talk about opening Pandora's box.

It really scares me that anyone thought that was necessary. It is so tragic.