Thursday, August 6, 2009



Yeah baby!

My parents have been searching all over town and I underestimated Ganz's (is that right? Would it be Ganz'? I'm really stumped there) ability to create a false exclusivity surrounding this stupid thing, so not wanting to pay shipping, I figured I'd find it in town. Yesterday when I realized that wasn't happening, I went to order it through Amazon even though it was grossly overpriced, and it was sold there through an outside seller--making 2 day shipping not an option. I ordered it anyway, knowing it wouldn't get here in time.

Then I started calling all Webkinz retailers in my area and 6 out of 7 were jerks when I called. I was just about to give up when I decided to try Justice in the mall and THEY HAVE THE FOX.

So Big Kid will get his Arctie on time and I'll have one to return.

Although we're not doing a "real" birthday party this year (I'm all partied out), I am putting together a Webkinz adventure day for Big Kid, Em and little kid and maybe having some family over for pizza and Bingo. Webkinz party stuff isn't easy to come by so creativity, printer ink, paint and effort will be required, but I know Big Kid will be impressed with my hard work.

If he HAS to turn six, I may as well make it fun (for him).

P.S. I killed 4 more fish and finally had to confess to the kids (I only told them about the first 5 though, our grand total is up to 9). They're taking it well. We have one teensy tiny survivor and a freezer full of corpses.


KMServino said...

ummm.... the dead fish are in the freezer???

Bren said...

I'd say it's time to give up on the fish. Your track record is starting to get scary!

Jennifer said...

I think I would try a different pet store for the fish. That one obviously has a lot of sick ones.

Anonymous said...

How big is your fish tank? Too many fish in a small tank will kill them. I had a 5 gallon tank and the pet store told me to only have one in there at a time.

Lin said...'re a fish's' worst nightmare.

Good luck with the last lil guy. Things tend to die really easily around me, hence why I have no pets. Only plants for me.

Life, Love And Lola said...

I'm guessing that by the time I read this post that last remaining fish is no longer...

Craig and Christy said...

9, really, Ashley! Amature! My families fish death toll is up to 24. Yes, we've decided we are SOO not fish people. Good luck with the one!