Monday, August 31, 2009


little kid just called me a "Stoopid Nipplehead".

He's in big trouble right now, but I do admire his creativity.

I'm gathering up the motivation to get back to "The Shred" today. Blah. I'm starting to think it would be much easier to just learn to love the muffin top.


Unknown said...

This is so tempting .. but I'm going to behave myself and just admire the wit and stuff a little kid can get away with.

Lin said...

I'm totally gonna use that one next time I want to tell someone off!

Your boys are hilarious :)

Rachel said...

I am learning to love the muffin top, personally. It's a love, hate relationship.

Valerie said...

Ha! There is a guy in the office here that everyone hates and we all call him nipplehead.