Friday, August 7, 2009

He's Right

Big Kid: When are we moving my new fish Bubbles into my room?

Ashley: Uh, soon. I guess we were just waiting to make sure she'd make it and I think daddy was waiting until we got a couple more.

Big Kid: (stops and stares at me) ...more?

Ashley: Yeah, more fish. For Bubbles.

Big Kid: Mom, we've had like 4 fish and dey all died. I'm finkin' we dest need one fish. Like how Dorofy was one fish. We had her a long time.

Ashley: Well, the website said Zebrafish like to be in packs of 5 and I think they died beca--

Big Kid: Look, I'm dest sayin' we probly only need one fish. Bubbles looks fine right now and she's alone. It's okay dat we can't do more fish, we're not a four fish family. Dat's fine.

Ashley: Can we get another small suckerfish one day?

Big Kid: One day. Maybe.


because I said so said...

"we're not a four fish family".....


I love it

Nikky said...

I can almost hear the super serious, "Look, I'm dest sayin..."

It's good that he's accepted that you are death to fishies (I kid). Sound's like he'll be able to cope with future massacres.

Lin said...

wow...he sure told you.

I love the 'one day. maybe.' He's so grown up. How cute :)

Unknown said...

I want to meet your kid's scriptwriter.

Bren said...

How old is he? 30? I just sayin!

Anonymous said...

The voice of reason... Big Kid seems wise beyond his years. He sounds a lot wiser than me, actually, and I'm 30.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Big Kid!!!