Saturday, August 15, 2009

E is for Ethan

I'm an Aunt! Officially! Ethan is here!

I have yet to meet him, but news is that he's 7lbs 14oz, is very pink and has lots of fluffy hair. Awwwwww. I'll go take a look later today and share pics of brand new babyness with you all!

I threw a baby shower for him 2 weeks ago with an E is for Ethan theme:

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I ordered this E is for Ethan banner from an awesome seller who was easy to work with and did a really great job.

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The favors were brownie bites in little cello bags with an E is for Ethan tag. Cute bucket from Target's $2.50 spot.

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I also made cupcake pics (which was a total pain in the butt). Publix made the cupcakes and they were delicious as always.

I had ordered an elephant stuffed animal to match the elephants in the Shutterfly invite from Auntie Jill (who I've worked with before--she's amazing, her toys are heirloom quality, she's super easy to work with and I love her snuggle bunnies) but I had post office issues so I didn't get it in time for the shower. I have it now and it is darling, soft and squishy in blue and brown retro-style fabrics with "E is for Ethan" embroidered onto his ear. I will take pics of it (with Ethan himself!) later today.

New babies are so exciting. The world seems a little less boring and a little more hopeful today.


julie & joe said...

Your shower looks so cute! Congrats on a new nephew!!!

Your posts lighten my day. My husband and I look forward to the latest adventures of BK and lk.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Julie! That's nice to hear!

I also want to thank an anonymous commenter whose comment I rejected on accident. Thank you twice to you. ;-)

Mom of One and Another on the Way said...

Super cute Shower!! Congratulations!

Sara said...

Super CUTE!!!! The elephant is adorable, and so is Ethan!

(on a side note...did you want the address and phone number out there for the world to see, or are those fakies?)

Unknown said...

The invite is Shutterfly's sample! That's not their info. Thanks for reminding me to clear that up.

~~Mel~~ said...

Congrats Auntie! I love being an aunt.

Joy said...

new babies (well I should say other people's new babies) are just the best thing in the entire world:)

That baby shower stuff is too cute and I agree Publix cupcakes are just the best, we got some for Wyatt's bday party-YUM