Monday, August 31, 2009

The Shred and Life

I've made a new deal with myself.

I'm going to do the 30-day Shred Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. No one ever said the 30-days had to be consecutive.

I will say that today was SIGNIFICANTLY easier than last week, but my dread for doing it is growing and we all know if I decide I hate it, it will be a done deal. For someone who has hardly exercised in the past 6 years, working out for 20 minutes 3 days a week is not bad, and I'm going to try to hold myself to 20 minutes of some sort of physical activity on the days off too.

My new "life plan" (I'm so sick and tired of these life plans constantly failing) is 20 minutes of exercise, 20 minutes of writing (you all and work don't count), and 20 minutes of housework a day. This should be very doable and isn't nearly as much as I could/should be doing.

I turn 31 at the end of September. That sense of "holy crap, you're failing adulthood" has me in its grasp lately and now that I have 2 kids, a buttload of problems, and am officially IN my thirties--I can no longer deny official adulthood. Unfortunately.

So, I need to learn to be good at it, I guess. At the very least, I need to get some of this shit done.


Nikky said...

I think it's supposed to be better to go every other day anyway, something about muscles rebuilding.

Chunky 21-year-old that I am, I am absolutely amazed at the short amount of time it takes to see an improvement. I started running every other day, and in five weeks I've gone from wanting to rip off my legs at the end of a brutal 20 minutes of 60 seconds running/90 seconds walking to feeling not only comfortable, but GOOD after 20 minutes of almost straight jogging. The "pain" aspect of it stopped within two weeks. Totally worth the energy boost.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to your thoughts at the end of the Shred. Another blogger I read did it and had visible improvements. I'm thinking of getting it for myself. Question: Is it easy to follow? I am apparently a moron and have real issues following the steps of a lot of fitness DVDs.

Allyson and Dave said...

The Shred will grow on you. It does get easier. I did it everyday for 60 days and by the end I did not even break a sweat. I have now moved on to Jillian's next video "No More Trouble Zones". It is like the shred on steriods. After my first time doing the shred I was drenched in sweat and sore but I felt good. After my first time doing no more trouble zones I was lying on the floor shaking. But after a while you will start to see results and it becomes addictive.

Jenna & Jordan's Mommy said...

I just finished day 8 (in a row) of the Shred...It is still NOT easy. I am STILL doing level 1...will do it for the first 10 days, then move up to level 2 and so on. I think everyone has a different opinion as to whether or not it's good to work out every day or every other day...As a "former athlete", I believe it's about what works FOR YOU. And that the most important key is to be consistent.

I've got a looming deadline so I've got to do the daily grind youngest sister (23) got engaged two weeks ago and just last week announced her wedding will be 12/26...(thanks little sis...without some serious weight-loss and spanx, I'll never make it) Bridesmaid dresses are SO not cute unless you are a size 4..

I've measured my not so pretty parts, and will be anxious to measure at the end of 30 days to see how much shredding has occurred. I applaud you for making a plan! Keep it up!

Jennifer said...

A plan is the first step. Good for you.

Unknown said...

What you really need to do - REALLY - is find some form of exercise you ENJOY DOING. Something you look forward to. Something that's so much fun you can't WAIT to do it.

Then you'll lose weight. If it's a chore - it's too easy to give up. So. Find it - or find someone to do it with - someone who can make it fun. But just enjoy it - whatever IT happens to turn out to be.

Parenting Is Overrated said...

LMAO @ "holy crap, you're failing adulthood."

That is EXACTLY how I feel today. Just want to tell everyone to fuck off (which I did on facebook and some guy said "your gratuitous profanity amuses me," fucking tool) and crawl into bed.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for a very long time, but have never commented - so, first of all, I love your blog and love reading about your life, your kids, etc.! I have to agree with LceeL about finding something to do that you enjoy. I tried the Jillian thing too and found it SO difficult. What worked for me (but it is like $300 to get started) was Wii Fit - and the EActive program. Wii Fit was fun, and a good start - and the EActive is like 20 minutes a day of circuit training. And after working so hard, I don't want to eat junk and ruin everything! So - 40 pounds lighter - I am still having fun with it. It doesn't seem like a chore, so I look forward to it, and can usually find the 20 minutes a day I need. I have also found walking the dog to be great exercise - and the dog loves it!