Monday, August 10, 2009

Call the Garbage Man

little kid and I are in an epic battle for the phone because he insists that the garbage man gave him his telephone number and that he needs to give him a call.

I don't think the garbage man did give him his phone number, nor do I think he needs to be calling the garbage man, so I've been hiding the phone and/or sticking his little ass in time out on an every-5-minutes basis.

He actually insists that the garbage man has 2 numbers and is furious I won't let him get on the phone.

He's also started getting suspicious of the lawn men and thinks they are trying to steal his watch (A $6 fake Burberry watch). He wants to make sure I'm not going to invite them to his party and I've assured him that I won't invite the landscapers. He does concede that they "do a nice job", he just doesn't want them after his watch.


Marla said...

why isn't he wants to call the garbage man so much? does he want them at the party as well?

Lin said...

haha, he's so adorable. You better not let the landscapers anywhere near that watch.

miss. chief said...

i wonder why the garbage man needs to talk to little kid on the phone, haha

Nikky said...

Ah, so THAT'S what happened with his sudden hatred of the lawn cowboys. I'm curious as to what led him to fear for his watch.

I also kind of want to know what he needs to discuss with the garbage man. Last time a child at my house wanted to speak with them, it was because they'd thrown my mom's wallet into the garbage (why? no idea) and wanted to get it back to get out of trouble.

Life, Love And Lola said...

He's lying for sure!

Jennifer said...

Just give him the phone and let him make the "call", but tell him that you have to listen. He is just goingt pretend.