Monday, March 11, 2013


Poor Big Kid is really miserable and now I'm glad I'm home with him, even if the timing of his illness sucks. Big Kid never naps, not ever, not since he was 3 and gave up naps forever, but his poor, sick self is napping today.

I was using talk-to-text to text message Mr. Ashley and said, "He's napping, little guy is so sick," into the phone. I glanced down at the transcription before hitting send and realized it typed, "He's napping, little guy is so sexy."

Can you even imagine the confusion if I hadn't double checked before hitting send?

Once I talk-to-texted a friend something about cupcakes but "Just give him the freaking napkin" was added to the end as I screamed at the kids while hitting submit. Luckily it was someone who understood.

Just a reminder not to ever trust talk-to-text. My day could have only gotten worse from there.

There are no sexy little guys here, just sick ones. 


Sasha said...

Oh man. Two sick kids in a row is now fun. Hope everyone feels better soon (and that you somehow escape it....).

Unknown said...

I am so sorry big kid is sick :( but I totally laughed out loud at the post! I have an iPhone that autocorrects like crazy and I once sent a text to my husband that said "just use your hotel wife" instead of hotel wifi while he was on business trip.

Wiley37 said...

Best auto correct ever - I was texting my husband that I just showed a prospective tenant a home and he was single with no pets. Auto correct said "single with no PANTS." I sent it anyway.