Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Break

My little overachiever passed both the Strep and Influenza B tests, so we'll be spending Spring Break Ashley-style--in bed and begging for drugs.

Just kidding.

(No, I'm not.)

It's not fun at all though. These people frequently barf up their drugs and there are no drugs for me, and I probably deserve them most of all.

little kid is also feverish again and they are both in my bed right now, all hot and sweaty, and lying sprawled out like crazy people, wrapped up in the blankets I like to wrap up in, leaving no space or stuff for me.

I'll be asleep on the couch, blanketless and smelling vaguely of puke, just like the good old days.

But less fun.


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

1. I am so sorry that your kiddos are pukey and sicky. That stinks.

2. So sorry about the job. Hopefully it will still work out in two weeks.

3. Three posts in one days must be a new record for you. I love it.

And 4. Do y'all still have the hedgehog? Every time I see a hedgehog anything I think of you. Last weekend some girl at my fundraiser had a stuffed animal and I found myself saying "my friend Ashley has a real hedgehog." Of course, we're not actual friends. I'm not completely crazy pants. But my point is, I pretty much only think of you when they oddly come up in any way shape or form.


Tara said...

My 10yo daughter just got over the exact same thing. My son had type A & B flu right before her. So over this "cold & flu over and over and over and over" season. Blah. Hope he feels better soon!

Unknown said...

PPC, I feel like we've known each other long enough that you can say we're real friends. ;-)

Unfortunately, Reggie died around the end of January. I've been meaning to update but the whole thing was really sad (I think it was a neuro-degenerative sort of thing unless I made that word up) and I still miss his spiky, mostly-antisocial self every single day.

I'm down to just Pearl and Murphy now! (and 2 stupid fish I could take or leave)

Tara, this is brutal, it is never-ending! And they both got flu shots, so it's extra unfair. Keeping my fingers crossed that mine works.

Wiley37 said...

Hang in there! Obviously you didn't get the Tamaflu. That stuff is AWESOME. The Izzinator got Type B and we got to the doctor soon enough to have it be an option. I have to clarify that the only reason we got to the doctor that soon was it was basketball season and they would have benched her without a "legit" excuse. Anyhow, 3 days later and she was back on the court.

Unknown said...

She actually wrote all of us, even my husband who isn't her patient, Tamiflu prescriptions which I thought was super duper nice of her, but Big Kid's was already outside of the period it would be effective. I'm getting some to keep on hand though. You know you're old and boring when scoring some Tamiflu is exciting!

Sasha said...

So sorry to hear about Reggie! I have been meaning to ask about him to lately.