Monday, March 11, 2013

Coughing Fit

I was supposed to start working at the yoga studio today in exchange for classes. I was pretty excited about it, more so after being locked in the house with sick children for going on 3 weeks.

Big Kid has had a cough, I wasn't too worried about it but he woke up miserable this morning and begged me to take him to the doctor. The line at the walk-in was so long that we turned around and went home with a promise to return later because it was going to make me late for work...and then he came home and threw up everywhere. So I had to call my super cool, beautiful new boss on my very first day two hours before beginning to tell her that I couldn't make it after all.

Can I just point out (in spite of my sympathy for Big Kid and I do feel awful for him--this is not his fault, this is just a side effect of motherhood), how much this sucks?

That the one time in years I have put myself out there, to do something I might not like in the hopes of growing as a person and taking some risks that may pay off in my personal life, I have to embarrass myself by looking unreliable right out of the gate?

That I have heard coughing in stereo for weeks now, starting when I woke up this morning to people coughing in my face at 7am, and that I am denied this two hours of escape?

That I was already anxious due to my dull social skills formed by years of parenting, and that I get to be extra anxious next time because I'm the jerk who called in on her first day with hardly any notice?

WHY DO I BOTHER? (This is why I usually don't!)

I should just call her back and tell her maybe I'll be available in 12 years. Maybe.

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Renee said...

This sucks. :-( I'm sorry!