Tuesday, March 26, 2013


"Mom, Big Kid said A-S-S," said little kid, whose spelling skills are getting impressive.

"You did?" I asked him.

"I was just singing a song! It was on just now!" Big Kid insisted, looking guilty.

"What song?" I asked, mostly out of curiosity.

"Thrift Shop. I said 'Damn, that's a cold-ass honky.'"

It was really hard not to laugh.

"So you said, 'Damn, that's a cold-ass honky'?"

"Yes, I did." He was honest and almost defiant about it.

At this point I couldn't hold back the laughter, and soon we were all laughing really hard, little kid the hardest. "Damn, that's a cold-ass honky!" he added unnecessarily.

That made me laugh even harder but I had to calm down for propriety's sake. "Look you guys, seriously, you cannot go around cursing and you are not allowed to say any of the other bad words in Macklemore's song if you know them! But if you think you can follow those rules--and I will revoke this privilege if there is even one slip-up from either of you!! If you think you can follow those rules, I will allow you to sing along to the line 'Damn, that's a cold-ass honky' but only in that exact context--while singing the Thrift Shop song while it is playing on the radio. Not outside of the family. Ever."

And that was wrong of me and completely ridiculous of me. I will surely regret it, it was a horrible idea.

But it was the best horrible idea I've ever had because that shit is hilarious.


asnell said...

Now I don't feel guilty about being too cheap to buy the "Clean" version of a song on iTunes.

Christi said...

my aunt used to let us have a cuss day. It was when we could say things like " pass the damn ketchup" and not get in trouble. Not saying it was the best idea but I loved when I was at her house on "cuss day"

Unknown said...

Not sure why, Christi, but "pass the damn ketchup" has me cracking up. My grandma taught my BFF and I to play a card game called "Bullshit" when we were little and my grandpa still swears this never happened--Oh, yes it did! And it's a great memory.

Ann, spotify doesn't even have the radio edit!

Julie H said...

I keep waiting for my kids to say something about the new JT song and "it's so thick they call it a fatty". Geeze.

MTGrace said...

I'm giggling much too hard over this.