Friday, March 8, 2013

Future Dictator

"I'm gonna be president one day and enslave you," little kid told his brother.

Big Kid laughed. "Yeah right, you would never be elected president, bro."

"I would too. I'm good at everything."

"You know how everyone found out that Mitt Romney strapped his dog to the roof of the car, like a long time before he even wanted to be president? That will be you. People will find out that you harass and abuse me and they will never vote for you for president. People will know. Besides, slavery is illegal. Have you heard of the land of the free?"

"The president can do what he wants. I'll be the president. What will they do if I have a slave? Kill me? No."

"You are being ridiculous. Does Obama have slaves? Does he?"

"No, because he is a nice person. I am not nice, I like the idea of slaves and I will enslave you. Know what? I will enslave everyone with your first name. All of them."

"See? That's even worse. Everyone with my name will hear that you've said this and you will NEVER get elected, bro. That's even worse than the dog thing, just admitting you're planning to enslave people for fun. It will never happen. I'm not even worried."

"It will happen. I'm pretty tricky. Mom, can they fire the president?"

"Yes. It's called impeachment. I imagine trying to enslave everyone with your brother's name would probably get you impeached."

"Dang it. I'll figure out something though. How about other countries? Can they have slaves?"


Cara said...

Haha Little Kid is awesome!

Jennifer said...

One little mastermind, imagining taking over the world. I swear this conversation sounds like something that would happen in our house between by two.

Mommy Mac said...

I wish there were "like" buttons on your posts. This is too funny.

Samma said...

This made me laugh out loud. Little Kid and Big Kid need their own memoir already.

Renee said...

Ooooooh, stories like this one make me so sad that our little kids can't hang out. They would be insanely funny together. I need to plan a trip....or you do! Come see DC!