Sunday, March 3, 2013

Not My Turn

The last 4 times I have tried to go take a bath, someone has gotten to the shower before I did.

That means one of my family members has done it to me twice. I have been attempting this maneuver since yesterday afternoon.

I need to shower too, people. It's time to change out of these pajamas into some clean ones and to do that, I need a bath.


asnell said...

Ugh! This must be a problem that goes along with being the only girl in the house. Not only can I rarely get a bath..when I do...someone always ends up being in there with me!

Jokas said...

you have same problem like me, my little sister always do the same. When I wanna take a bath she like to going first and that waste my time surely. when we are tired we love to take a bath and get some fresh from water treatment that is take a bath.