Monday, March 18, 2013

Writing Reaction Cycle

I am writing a parenting column and articles for a newspaper again. This is the response I get from almost all of my family and friends when I tell them:

"You're writing for the paper?! Oh my gosh! Wow! How exciting! That is really great, good for you," with a big smile and genuine happiness.

I usually indicate that yes, I am very excited and this is very good news.

"So what...what exactly do you write about?" They always ask curiously.

I tell them I write about local parenting-related stuff and that the column is about our lives or my perspective on parenting.

"YOUR lives? You guys?" Great confusion begins to set in here. "Your perspective? Hmm. Well. That is really...nice. Wow. Hm."

Yes, it is kind of interesting and crazy, I say here with a nervous laugh. I try to write about funny stuff, I clarify.

"So, how did they find you for this? What background do YOU have for this?" At this point they are barely even hiding their disbelief and are almost aggressive in figuring out what the heck is happening here.

Well, I used to work there, I remind them. My old editor recommended me.

Which amazingly clears up nothing, because the confused looks or "But still" or "But why" line of questioning continues. 

So I guess this is proof that I am not funny or entertaining in real life. 

Don't really care though because I've got a cool job again! As little kid would write, "Hatters gonna hat."


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Um that is my dream job! Congratulations! I mean, I only know you from this blog, but it seems like a great fit for you.


Unknown said...

Yep, it's true - hatters are ALWAYS gonna hat.

Paige said...


asnell said...

Yay Ashley! Your real-life people are boring and don't understand. They are probably the same moms that lie and act like they love every second of being a mother. They are so jealous!!! Definite HATTERS!!