Friday, August 23, 2013


Did you notice how I'm posting every day?

It's because I know you're voting every day. You are, right? Since it's just one click, I'm certain that you are.

It's either daily comments or daily votes, both if you want to be my favorite.


Tara said...

So, are you saying that after voting is over and you win (because you will), you won't be posting as much? ;-)

I've been voting AND I comment all the time (probably too much), so I'm expecting an invite on the Ashley's Closet Cruise when that happens some day!

Unknown said...

Good point. I plan to continue posting more often forever because I am recommitting to you all, but I'm not above bribery and blackmail.

You're already on the cruise Tara, there's no such thing as commenting too much!

Anna C. Winter said...

Voted :) And I'm loving all the posts!!!!

Unknown said...

LOOVE that you're posting everyday. And - I voted!

Tara said...

My grammar police-ness is showing through...I'm very disturbed that one of the nominees (currently in second place) has the phrase "raising cane" in her bio. That's not correct, it's "raising Cain". It's a Biblical reference.

She should be forced to give up 25% of her votes for that indiscretion.

Allie J. said...

I just voted for you! Yay! I am at work and should be doing work but my mom sent me a link to your post a few days ago - the one about beautiful Pearl. It made me cry and I fell in love with you and your family. I went through the very same thing with my love of 14 years, Jasmine and it really, really, really blew.
Anyway, now I can't stop reading. So since you love commenters, I decided I'd leave you one and tell you that I am now addicted to your blog. Yay for you roping in my mom and now me!

I hope my mom doesn't see this and make fun of me for gushing my feelings. I know I'm creepy.

Unknown said...

Thanks again everyone and thank you Allie for the super nice comment! I'm sorry about Jasmine, it's so hard. Thanks for the comment and the gushing feelings, I love it!

duhneese said...

She's not really creepy, Ashley. She just has good taste (she takes after me) and knows a well written blog when she sees it. I've been reading you for years. :)

Her Mom.

Unknown said...

Duhneese is one of my favorites, that's awesome that you're both here. I don't find anyone that likes me creepy--it's actually a problem sometimes, lol. (And I meant to reply days ago, lol).