Thursday, August 15, 2013

Can't Face(book) It

There is a lady from my area's Facebook yard sale site coming to look at an antique school desk I have for sale.

I told her I would leave it under my entry way and she could text me when she's on her way, that way if I'm not here, she can just go ahead and leave the money under the mat if she wants it.

My real plan is to leave the house when she texts because I would rather risk someone just taking the desk than dealing with the awkwardness of Facebook yard sale people.

And I'm dreading the actual leaving the house part, but that's how badly I don't want to see her.

This is why I don't sell things. I don't like dealing with the people who want to buy them.

UPDATE: She never came or even messaged me. See? I was right not to like her.


Lisa said...

This makes me sad for you! I am not totally socially comfortable to say the least, but I've convinced myself that 95% of the world feels the same way and that I'm no worse than most of them. I'm trusting they're all so worried about how they're coming across that no one has time to think about my own social inadequacies! And with age I've also decided to say screw it and just live. I think I have about ten years on you - don't wait as long as I did to finally not let your fears hold you back.

For the last few years my parents have wintered in Naples/Fort Myers and we sometimes vacation with them. I'd like to think that if I ever saw you and your boys out and about, I would be confident enough to say hi, but in reality we'd both probably hide behind bushes!

Unknown said...

The weirdest part is that I know I'm great with people (when I'm not accidentally calling them pregnant and what not.) I'm a good party guest, I talk to everyone everywhere, people always want to be friends, I joke a lot with strangers--I'd like to believe people would never guess I often prefer to avoid them. I used to be in sales and marketing and I rocked it, my whole career was based on talking to strangers!

I'm actually more dreading the possibility of haggling which is entirely over-thinking it. That's my real specialty, the over-thinking of things. All of the things!

If you ever see me, feel free to say hi. I'm sure you're cooler than a FB yard sale site stranger who probably wants my desk for cheaper. I will act perfectly normal and charming, and then dissect the conversation in my head later. It will be fun!

Unknown said...

And at this point, it's raining, so I will just stay right here and deal with her and the entirely imagined haggling that may not even ever happen.

If she ever comes.

Nancy said...

Ha! This is exactly me. I would scurry off to hide for certain. I can't bear haggling or buying or selling. Why? I don't know. I think that's what husbands are for.

Unknown said...

Yes! Her husband was supposed to pick it up last night while my husband was home so I thought we were all in agreement here about how this should go down. Actually though...maybe she's going to wait until our husbands are home again and then they can deal with it, which would be brilliant of her.

I pretend to make him do it for safety but I can see her FB profile and she very much appears to be a legit, small, blonde, harmless looking person who just wants a desk so really I'm just weird and lazy.

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a nutcase and not wanting to deal with buying and selling stuff from your home.There are a lot of us. You should be aware though, that we are almost as scary as the Facebook yard sale strangers .

Kind Regards

Unknown said...

LOL, that is an excellent point, Kathy! And I will admit that it's true. She never even messaged me about standing me up--I'm ready to contribute to the never ending supply of drama on the FB site by calling her out.

Destingirls said...

I have this crazy scenario in my head of matching you up with momastery and kelle hampton! Lol you guys would be great together!

Unknown said...

Funny you say that, Destin, Kelle Hampton and I live in the same area and know some of the same people. (She is not aware of my existence, though, I'm sure.) I don't know Momastery but will be sure to check her out.