Sunday, August 25, 2013

Papa Bear

We took the kids to a water park in Orlando this weekend to celebrate little kid's birthday.

Our room was on the 9th floor of the hotel and at one point we shared an elevator with a very big, gruff-looking guy--the type that probably doesn't have kids on purpose so I pitied him for sharing the small space with ours.

He got off on the 8th floor and little kid started to follow him out. I yelled, "Not you, Papa Bear, come back here!" (I don't know why we call him Papa Bear, I agree that it's odd) and the big, tough-looking man turned around to get back in the elevator.

"No, not you," I said, both of us turning red,"I wasn't talking to you." He gave a short embarrassed nod and walked away.

"Did he think I was calling him Papa Bear?" I asked as we all giggled a bit.

I still laugh every time I think about it.


Kat said...

This made me actually laugh out loud! I love that he just came right back without even questioning why.

awesomespelledbatman said...

Poor guy I wonder why he just turned around to get back on?! It is funny though.