Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Lied About the Book List

I just realized that I completely forgot the entire existence of a book I read over vacation. This is proof that my book amnesia is a very real thing.

I also read "The Twelve Tribes of Hattie." I liked it, so I'm not sure how I forgot I ever read it within a few short days.

It was fiction about a black woman named Hattie and her 12 children, and each chapter featured a different kid of hers and their life story and hinted about how their mother (and her own burdens and struggles as a human being, woman and mother) influenced their paths in life.

I thought it beautifully summed up the challenges of motherhood and of balancing who you are now with who you used to be, what your children need versus what you are able to give, and how hard relationships can be.

I read it quickly and I enjoyed it, even if I immediately forgot all about it. It's not in the running for book of the year or anything but I'm glad I read it.


Destingirls said...

I've actually read a book twice without even realizing it until I'm almost done. As I was reading, it sounded familiar and i had the feeling I knew what was happening and then idealized I've already read the book!

Unknown said...

I've done that, too! It's confusing that they are always changing book covers--don't expect me to remember the actual title or story, that's craziness! I remember cover art and colors.