Monday, August 12, 2013

I Found Alisha Found Eden

I just found this hilarious video of two moms parodying Mackemore's "Can't Hold Us" about putting kids to bed. I laughed so hard I nearly hurt myself and then decided I want to be best friends with these Alisha Found Eden people.

Big Kid overheard a few of the songs and asked, "Is parenting really as much of a challenge as they make it seem?"

 "Worse." I answered. "Especially toddlers." I shuddered a bit at the thought. "It's awesome too, obviously, but there's enough songs about that."

Their Mom of the Year/Billionaire parody made me a bit sad in a real way, but I could appreciate all of the others, if only for their goofiness.

We need more moms like that on the PTO (for my own enjoyment and amusement).


Unknown said...

Ok...I admit, I typed a quasi-love letter to you relating all the ways we are similar and if we lived closer how we would probably look sideways at each other, judging each other and our alcohol intake in relation to how approachable we were...but I deleted it because I was shy and it was was, I promise you. Just suffice to say- you are great, I read it all the time and laugh so hard, and your kids are a mirror of mine if little kid was 7 and big kid was 2 and a half- that is my life right now...Cheers!

Unknown said...

You are wrong, Claire! I would have read the awkwardness and thought, "She sings the song of my people!" and I would have known we were destined to be friends. This comment works too though, thanks for leaving it.