Monday, August 26, 2013

Naked Maids

"Mom, I'm not trying to be awkward but..." Big Kid started.

I was immediately all ears. In fact, I wish I could set my phone to auto-record any conversation that starts with "I'm not trying to be...".

"Okay. Go on."

"At the beach house? They had a channel called 'Naked Maids.'"

"Ahhh. Did you click it?"

"No!" He replied, completely insulted.

"It was probably pay-per-view. They have satellite television there."

"I'm just saying. It's a family rental. We are a nice family of four. Five, if you count Murphy but I don't know if you would. And to have a channel called 'Naked Maids'? It's just not right."

"True. You have to pay for that channel though or you can't see it."

"From their pictures they seem like such a nice family." He lamented.

"No, I'm saying that although you can see it on the guide because it's available to everyone who has satellite service for God knows what reason, if you had clicked on it--"

"I didn't!"

"I'm just saying that if you had, if anyone did, the channel would be unavailable until you called and gave your credit card number. So no children or families are being harmed."

"Except by the title."



Brianna :) said...

LOL big kid is adorable

Renee said...

I feel so old when I say "bless his heart", but seriously. Bless his heart. :-)