Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Eyeshadow tutorial infographic (This is how I do it)

Preserved vascular system of a shark

Pin ups and their real-life counterparts (NSFW-ish but not X rated)

Billionaire gives away 99% of his income so poor kids can go to college

How doctors die (The health care decisions they make for themselves)

Everlasting love   (The skeletons of a mother and 2 children buried together 5000 years ago)

Children with their most prized possessions (this seriously moved little kid, particularly the last boy with the monkey.)

Egyptian Mummy Mysteries Unraveled

Genetics are awesome (Cool photoshop project)

Photos of anxiety issues

A baby still in the amniotic sac during Cesarean

X ray images of women wearing corsets from 1908

This ended up being a really random grouping that could have been better organized!

That's life, though.


Lisa said...

OK, I said I would!
Eyeshadow tutorial: Hey! They spied on my girls for this! And why I avoid eyeshadow altogether!
Shark: I'm hyperventilating just looking at that.
Pinups: (1) HA! Evidence that duckface was a "thing" before this century! (2) men loved them some garters, didn't they?!
Billionaire: this is nowhere near the same level, but I've always thought that if I won the lottery (ha) I'd love to really fix up the craphole where we live and then just give it to someone who needs a break. What an incredible feeling to be able to do so much good for so many.
How doctors die: Hard to read. My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer a few months ago. We've already seen the horrifying and terrifying effects of his treatment. The cancer? Not a single symptom ever, not initially (it was discovered accidentally) and not to date. The treatment? Hell on earth. But he doesn't want to die, so what else is there? I know your dad is sick too. I don't know the details but I'm so, so sorry and I hope he's not in pain.
Mother & babies: :(
Kids & toys: and my own (in)sensitive daughter is just coveting the pink room!
Mummies: Ew. But I can't keep mummy books on the shelf in my library, so I know there's interest!
Genetics: Wow! I'd love to see my girls and me. Funny how lips in particular are so alike!
Anxiety issues: hmmm....I need captions! I couldn't even guess at half of them.
Baby: I'm still amazed I grew two of these inside me!
Corset X-rays: I would have been a very bad Victorian woman. No corset for me, thankyouverymuch. And then when I was just looking up the Victorian era, I ran across Victorian Post-Mortem Photography. Wow. That is a heart-breaker, especially moms and children.

Thanks for the cool round-up of links! I've got a few of those bookmarked so I can go back later and explore the whole site.

((did this send to you about five times? Every time I hit "publish" it asks me to sign in and then deletes my comments! Thank God it let me go back and copy before I tried again. I was doing Google before, so now I'm trying name/url)) <-can you erase that before posting?!

Unknown said...

I meant to post one of the other ones but I failed, Lisa. Then I tried to delete that one so I could re-post another, and I failed at that too. This must be a google thing, they did all send though.

Excellent comment! Even 5 times!

I'm really sorry about your dad, my lifelong best friend's father suffered with throat cancer and the treatment was awful. My dad has colon cancer w/tumors on his liver and is down to his last treatment option and despite the side effects being almost impossible to live with, he is very, very determined to make it work and amazingly optimistic at most times. It's really hard, and that's an understatement. Good luck to you both.

Jamie said...

Lisa - here were my guesses on the anxiety issues - a few I didn't get a feeling with them. The post-it's everywhere instantly made my heart heavy :(

fence pic = depression
floss pic = OCD
desk pic = OCD
packages pic = agoraphobic or shopping addiction
post its = eating disorder
keys pic = control issues?
glove pic = cutter
peas pic = bulemia

The sharks vascular system... AMAZING. A few years ago the hubs and I went to the Bodies Exhibit, which is the same thing but with humans. They had bodies with the muscles pulled back - some with just pulmonary system etc. It was being picketed because apparently those people were prisoners that were just offed and donated.

I like the left sided pin-ups and their thicker legs. I play sports and that's how my body is so I appreciate it more, lol.

A few of those genetics pics don't even look like two people O_o And the first mother/daughter pic - which is which (bitches)

Unknown said...

These are all SO INTERESTING. Thank you so much for sharing!!!