Tuesday, July 7, 2009

6 Degrees

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I still check in on Arthur K-A-D-E (I don't want Google knowing about this, being a part of "The Journey" via Arthur's press page is enough) from time to time. It's more a bad habit now than anything, I don't have the same perverse obsession as I had before--a shark has definitely been jumped somewhere along the way. I no longer comment or check it multiple times a day from my phone.

If you're not keeping up with it, I wouldn't start now. In fact, you have permission to just skip this whole post.

However, I noticed that our own dear Anastasia Beaverhousen went all bargain-board on Kent Osborne from Cartoon Network for hanging with the Kadester. I found this hysterical, since Anastasia Beaverhousen and I first became acquainted when she went all bargain-board on me one day (I don't even know about what anymore, something about me lacking integrity which is probably pretty accurate if we're being honest) and then eventually became a valued occasional commenter here (she left a very insightful comment on the last life sucks post).

I read her original comment on Kade's blog and LOL'd that she thought her comment would bother this guy, but I seriously LOL'd when I saw that she was mentioned on his blog and received a heartfelt and seemingly genuine apology (July 6 entry). Milk this for all it's worth, Anastasia Beaverhousen! Get Cartoon Network to sponsor the Ashley's Closet cruise, ask if they want Big Kid for voice over work, or at the very least blackmail him for naked pictures (and then share them with the rest of us offended moms).

I found this 6-degrees-of-internet-separation amusing though and thought I'd share since I originally infected so many of you with Kades to begin with. I also found the Cartoon Network guy's account of things entertaining and was touched by his apology and his relationship with his mom.

However, I swear this is the last time I'll mention anything related to Arthur Kade. (Hopefully).


Anonymous said...

LMFAO at "went all bargain-board on"--perfect adjective! Anastasia, go for the cruise, job for BK, AND naked pics...he's hot!

No comment on Kade...I still haven't forgiven you!

Anonymous said...

DAMN YOU ASHLEY! You got me addicted in the first place and I haven't checked his site in a WHOLE. WEEK! Now I'm curious and will probably read the week I missed to catch up. You would not make a good AA sponsor.

Anonymous said...

See - I just read everything starting back at June 29th and I missed NOTHING. Yet you made me go... curse you.

Anonymous said...

I too curse you for ever introducing Kade to my reading list because I am hopelessly addicted. However, in my defense I have never, and will never post on his blog no matter how much I want to vent.

You know you will go back... it is a powerful addiction and it will slip up on you and we will understand.

ms vicki

Anonymous said...

Watching that ass-hat's videos disgust me to the point where my shoulders hurt from being hunched up to my hears in a total "cringe" position. It's almost like watching the reality version of Michael Scott from The Office. I seriously have to get up and walk around because he makes me so uncomfortable.

Unknown said...

I don't watch the videos. His voice makes my skin crawl and the ridiculousness isn't worth waiting for the videos to load.

I admit I'll probably continue checking in on the train wreck but I go days at a time before thinking about him at all anymore. He's too obvious about the schtick now and the commenters aren't even funny anymore. I truly believe he is that big of a douchebag, but now I think his attempts to provoke are too obvious.

AnastasiaBeaverhousen said...

See, this is why I should not take time out for my family and all that hokey, togetherness shit. I missed the whole post from Kent, missed your social anxiety over asking the organic neighbors kids over to play......its 11:42 at night and now I have to deal with all this????

Disclosure: Other than you, I don't randomly go off on people over the internet. You were special. Accept and embrace it :) Arthur is a different story.... I grew up in NE Philadelphia near him, travel in some of the same social circles and yes, within the last month I have had the unpleasant experience of being in proximity of him. And yes he is as awful as he portrays himself to be.

My tirade against Kent was uncalled for but I couldn't keep my big mouth shut. As usual. I am not sure what to make of Kent etal but I will say that we are currently on a ban of Cartoon Network here and while it doesn't make a shits difference in the big picture, it feels good in a Norma Rae kind of way to be making a stand.

God, will I ever learn to keep my friggin mouth shut???? *don't think so*

Unknown said...

Aw, I think he seems nice (and he is pretty cute). Think of the unbelievably annoying characters he's helped bring into our lives--of course he's smoking pot and hanging out with weirdos. This is no surprise. He was afflicted with the disease that is Kade and took it too far, I see it happening.

I think you should accept his apology and be friends on the condition that he's to cease and desist contact with Kade because you and his mom, and moms everywhere, don't want to see him hanging out with that asshat.

AnastasiaBeaverhousen said...

You have mail :)

Stereos and Souffles said...

I hadn't read Kade in months since you posted about him. For some reason I checked it yesterday and saw his list of top 5 and bottom 5 butts. If anyone knows asses, it's this joker.

Stereos and Souffles said...

I forgot to mention I'm now addicted to Textsfromlastnight.com
Now that's some funny shit.

kent said...

if you want naked pictures, all you have to do is ask!

Unknown said...

Kent, we are asking! Moms are your real target market, I think I speak for all of us when I say that cartoons would be far more interesting if we'd seen its creators on the internet in various stages of undress...

I watched a freaking Spongebob marathon last weekend--I love the show, but 2 days of it? Yes, moms everywhere deserve payment.

My 5-year-old loves your work. He made me read him your IMDB page and he's impressed. He wishes you'd do some work with Yo Gabba Gabba though, so get on that.

Stay away from Kade and get your own blog; you're in danger of making his interesting by appearing on it. Don't make me go there to find you. Also, don't make us tell your mom that you're still up to shenanigans over there.

Tell Rebecca Romijn congrats and God bless on the twins--beautiful people should reproduce in multiples and any mother of multiples deserves a "God bless". That shit can't be easy, even for a gorgeous, wealthy celebrity (ok, it's probably a little easier that way, but still.)

Stay away from Arthur and don't forget about the pics you owe us! I feel a little special that you've graced the closet with your presence (although you've graced Kade's blog with it too, so maybe I shouldn't be too impressed...)


kent said...

no! please don't tell my mom! she doesn't know. actually, this latest shenanigan wasn't entirely my fault. we were hanging out at Gareth's boss's pool and joking that if Kade were there he would have made a million videos and then i started talking like him and we were all laughing and Liza said, "fug it!" and took out her camera and started recording. she made me do it! anyway, i put it on my youtube so we could watch it, but i never sent it to Kade. he found it and blogged it all on his own! i was surprised because i haven't even heard from him since he left KA.

ok, so as punishment, i've taken several pictures of myself in various stages of undress and i've angled the camera so my manboobs aren't too distracting. now where do i send these?

ps. your blog is hilarious. (but not in the same way that Kade's is hilarious)

Unknown said...

That is 3000x funnier to know that he tracked down that video and posted it himself. Klassic Kade-style, right there.

Send the pics to ashleysclosetblog (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Your blog post about your Kade experience was hilarious--but the whole Myspace thing is really gay.