Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dear Gap Kids,

What the heck is going on with you guys? First off, all of your clothes this season are crap. Secondly, they are overpriced crap.

Sorry, I just can't get excited about paying $35 for jeans for a 5 year old. I will say that the wash on your kid's jeans is super cute...but not $35-and-outgrown-in-3-months cute. Big Kid will just have to look a little less distressed and well-worn this school year. Also, a Transformers shirt for $25--are you kidding?

All of your shirts either have characters on them, smart ass statements, GAP branded across the front or are athletic-themed. It's like you're turning into a very expensive Wal-mart.

$45 for this:
Are people actually paying $45 to make their kids look like enormous dorks?

Please stop this. In the past, I've been willing to pay for your overpriced clothes because they were overly awesome. Bring back the casual surfer or little banker look and leave the Superman shirts to Old Navy.

I was excited to find your SALE25 discount code good for 25% off until the 19th and your free shipping on kid's items code (BTSCHOOL) but can only find 2 shirts that I even kind of like. I haven't checked out your girl's clothes because it usually just depresses me, but can only hope you're doing better in that department.

Please get it together, preferably before August 24th.



Constant Frivolity said...

I'm with you, Ashley. I have a girl, and am equally unimpressed with the selection.

The August issue of Good Housekeeping has a great article on the best kids clothes for back to school. The best jeans for boys were actually $10 from Kmart. They looked at construction, wearability, washability, etc.

Preppy Pettit said...

No kidding! I hate cartoons, etc., on clothes. Have they gone mad? Or are they completely out of touch with their customers?

Bren said...

Wow I couldn't agree more! I stop in everytime I am near their store and NEVER seem to walk out with anything anymore. Not sure what they were thinking this year.

Jennifer said...

I can never really find anything there that is worth the money. I like Gymboree... but it isn't as great for boys.

Constant Frivolity said...

I forgot - here is the link to the article.

Mel said...


I too have issues with stupid t-shirts that have obnoxious phrases on them or cartoon characters. Seems like every store in the universe is jumping on that annoying bandwagon. I got so frustrated last year that I bought my daughter's ENTIRE summer wardrobe from Land's End and L.L. Bean. They have really great sales, and the quality is very nice. Back to school time at Target is also good because of their school uniform section. Nice classic pieces. I might be the boring mom, but I can't stand the thought of letting my little 5 year old wearing a t-shirt that says "Spoiled Brat" or anything that looks like a spray painted train car. What ever happened to nice clothes?

Melodie said...

I stopped shopping at the GAP a long time ago. Their prices are ridiculous considering that their clothes aren't as nice as they used to be.

I am also not a fan of character t-shirts or sports themes. That's been a real problem for me while shopping for this little guy I'm preggo with. MY husband doesn't understand why I won't get anything sports related, but I don't want to pressure my baby into being a jock or choosing one sport over another. What if he turns out to be a band geek just like his dad?

Constant Frivolity said...


That is so funny about the sports theme. I completely understand where you are coming from. I have a son who is into sports, but hates soccer. Almost everything sports-related has a soccer ball on it, and he refuses to wear it :)

As for the "band geek" I've seen some pretty cool shirts with music themes, but again, my son won't wear those either.

I had a terrible time when I was pregnant with my son. Everything had a "theme" or character or something slapped across the front. Why can't they sell nice basic pieces that mix and match.

LL Bean and Land's End are great sources for these types of items. Land's end is having a good sale right now.

meredith said...

coming from someone who works at gap, i will say the stuff at gap kids doesn't particularly ever thrill me. i feel like our stuff in baby gap is way cuter. is big kid still able to wear a 5T? i think you would be able to find stuff for him in baby gap that you liked better if he's still able to fit. also, if you would like i can email you one of my friends and family invites- it starts july 30 and goes through august 2 and it's good for 30% off at all our brands (gap, old navy, banana republic, piperlime, and athleta) in-store and online.


Aww...I liked the GapKids girl stuff. I just spent a bunch there since this was my daughters first season where she is able to fit in it all. But I agree...the boy styff was not cute.

Joy said...

Boys always get the raw deal in the close department. I was noticeing that Old Navy is big on the character shirts also and that just bugs the crap out of me.

Target has been doing better in the boy department lately, I just hope this years clothes shopping isn't a complete nightmare! Only good thing is TN offers a sales tax Free weekend and our sales tax is crazy high.