Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Maybe Baby

The other day Mr. Ashley was looking through photos of the boys from when they were babies. I was shocked when he said, "I'd like to have another baby."

"A baby?"

"Yes," he said wistfully. "I know we couldn't now, but still..."

"Maybe what you really want is a hedge hog?"

"No, Ashley."

"No, stick with me here. We've had 2 babies but we've had 0 hedge hogs. Hedge hogs are cute, they're nocturnal, probably poop everywhere. Just like babies. Better even because they stay small."

Mr. Ashley sighed.

"I agree, babies are cool. It would be neat to have another one," I conceded.

"It would be a boy."

"I know, I've resigned myself to that. Boys are cool though. Could we name him Atlas?"

"God, no. No way."

"I knew you'd say that, but Atlas would be a cool name. Cobalt too."

"Never. Ever."

"Cash Alexander? Alexander Cash?"

"Uh. No and no. I really don't think so."

"We're already fighting about names. Let's just get a hedge hog and I'll name it."

So, I'm not so sure I see it happening any time soon, but maybe we're not done having kids yet. Just typing that made me think about being pregnant again and I suffered a shiver of revulsion at the thought, though. So maybe we are done. Who knows.

However, he HAS stopped saying that I will never, ever have a hedge hog. This is a major step. I'd say this means I'm pretty close to getting one.


Jennifer said...

I say stick with the hedge hog. But just the thought of pregnancy makes me want to never have sex again. I detested being pregnant. I was the worst pregnant woman ever. But if you are good at it, then you should totally go for it.

Funny in My Mind said...

maybe you should get one and hide it for awhile and then someday, say, "hey, we have had a hedgehog for 6 months now and I think we should keep it"
The kids would rat on you though.

Kris from NH said...

Aww I think just you need just one more Little Ashley. This time around you'd get a girl - I just know it. Then you'll be super pissed I jinxed you with one cuz they are always whining and shit but it would make for some awesome blogging and photography so it's a win win really.

Mostly for me cuz it would give me something funny to read about over my morning cup o joe but I wouldn't have to do that pregnant crap all over again or getting up every hour and having a baby attached to my teat.

Teeny tiny baby feet and that baby smell make it all worthwhile (maybe).

Also each of the kids needs their own hedgehog. So one baby and three hedgehogs are in order. The life of the blog depends on it.

Crap now I want a hedgehog or three.

Joy said...

Oh seriously you need to get knocked up again! I can not even imagine the laughs we would all get at your expense it would be freaking awesome.

Theresa said...

I just had a third and it is kicking my ass (not that I would give him up, of course). Stick with two.

Renee said...

You are totally going to have another baby. :) Another boy baby. Lol. I think you'll be able to convince Mr. Ashley to go with Cash Alexander. Remember he wasn't sold on little kid's middle name but you worked on him for months and got your way. :) I highly recommend large families - my 4 entertain each other so well and the older ones are so helpful with the younger ones. The fewer kids you have, the more you have to do for them. Seriously.

-The Renee

kjanedesigns said...

We are currently fighting over names too.... BEFORE getting pregnant with our second. What's up with that?
My husband said no to the Hedge Hog too (I asked)... but he didn't turn down a goat. What do you think? Fair Trade?

Julie said...

"The fewer kids you have, the more you have to do for them. Seriously." Seriously??? I had 4 kids in 5 1/2 years and I never found that to be true. If I found myself pregnant today I would probably jump off a bridge. Of course I'm 50 and have a grandchild, but it could happen. God forbid!

Ashley: If you can handle it, go for it but my vote is a hedgehog.

Unknown said...

The Renee is a liar with a pack of freaks for kids. If my kids were like hers, I'd have more too. The Renee wants everyone to reproduce lots.

As far as sneaking a hedge hog in, that's a great idea but I tried the same thing with a lamp once and got caught. Mr. Ashley is way more aware of what's going on around him than I thought.

I'm back to thinking "HELL NO" on more kids. It was a temporary moment of weakness. I do worry about running out of material one day though, it would be a good career move.

Life, Love And Lola said...

Please get a hedge hog!!!

Monica said...

This post made me realize how similar you and BK sound!

That is a good thing! :)

Unknown said...

Hubs had a V planned and the day it was supposed to happen, we lay in bed going "Maybe we're not done forever" and called to cancel.

Even though I see pregnant women on the street and think "Ugh, better you than me, lady"..

I'm so done.
But am I?